China to Integrate AI into its Society and the Economy

China to Integrate AI into its Society and the Economy

China to integrate AI into its society and the economy and see potential in ChatGPT-like technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China stated that it recognized the potential of technology similar to ChatGPT and will work to promote the use of AI throughout Chinese society and the economy.

According to Chen Jiachang, chief of the ministry's high-tech division, "(this technology) has the potential to be implemented in numerous sectors and areas," applauding its natural language processing skills.

At the same conference, Minister Wang Zhigang also stated that while all technical advancements have "two sides," it is important to avoid placing undue ethical restrictions on innovations like ChatGPT.

These remarks come at a time when investors and internet businesses in China are watching to see how Beijing would govern technologies similar to ChatGPT

The popular ChatGPT app, developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, isn't available to Chinese customers, but the software is generating a lot of interest there. Businesses are racing to implement technology into their goods and introduce competing offerings.

Chinese ChatGPT competitor ErnieBot, from search engine behemoth Baidu, will debut in March. ErnieBot, according to CEO Robin Li, is the "state of the art" in terms of Chinese-language AI chatbots and has been trained on billions of daily search engine inquiries.

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