CARV Raises US$10M Series A for Gaming and AI Infrastructure

CARV Raises US$10M Series A for Gaming and AI Infrastructure

CARV has raised US$10M series A for gaming and AI infrastructure

The immersive modular data layer for gaming and AI introduced this week, along with its recent strategic funding, has now welcomed ten million dollars in Series A funding. Accompanied by industry pioneers, CARV raises US$10M series A and is set to develop an equal modular database for gaming and AI infrastructure. Thus, it is trying to enhance data innovation while ensuring that internet users can share their appreciation.

Led by Tribe Capital and IOSG Ventures and with significant contributions of Consensys (MetaMask and Lina Development), OKX Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, No Limit Holdings, Draper Dragon, Arweave, LiquidX, MARBLEX (the Web3 platform of Netmarble), and other key investors. Notably, it combines the above mentioned notable investors, who are HashKey Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Vertex Ventures, which is a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings.

"The financial support from top VCs puts a stamp on our mission to redefine data ownership and income distribution," commented one of CARV's two cofounders, Victor Yu. "The users have generated enormous value from their data for a long time, but they have no say on income distribution." The technical advancement of AI led to surges in data quality needed to build model training. Still, firms are struggling with hyper-targeting users and ethically sourcing data in the face of stricter regulations. CARV raises US$10M series A and addresses three trending perspectives of data usage: revolutionizing ads, content moderation, and ad tech reshuffling by letting users own and trade the data while providing AI-driven services.

CARV raises US$10M series A and offers next-level gaming and artificial intelligence development, which comes with a sheen of holistic, high-quality data backed up with human feedback in a verifiable/trustworthy, yet secure environment. The company's solution is composed of three phases.

The CARV Protocol is a modular cross-chain data layer that includes four building blocks: authentication, storage, processing, and monetization. Applying the ERC-7231 standard, which the Ethereum Community recently delisted, CARV ID reproduces the data of millions of users on Web2 and Web3 and propagates users' self-sovereignty.

On the one hand, CARV Play is the cross-platform credentialing system, the most extensive web3 gaming distribution and social platform. CARV Play is among the most active ecosystems on chains like Linea, opBNB, zkSync, and Ronin, offering 2.5M gamers a way to share data, build credentials, play games, and share rewards. It is also the platform with the push widgets, with an average daily active wallet count of over 500,000 in the last quarter. As for now, we have close to 30% of web3 games, including the likes of Splicies, Off the Grid, Pixels, and Pixelmon.

Lastly, CARV's AI Agent, CARA, is the personal gaming assistant that is able to link with the TON web3 wallet, TON-based games, and social media platform where chat and token swapping can take place instantly. Coined as CARA, it determined a player's game and platform data from which she recommended games, activities, projects, and airdrops.

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