CardanoGPT Introduces AskGirolamo: Transforming X Interactions With An Advanced Cardano-Focused AI Chatbot

CardanoGPT Introduces AskGirolamo: Transforming X Interactions With An Advanced Cardano-Focused AI Chatbot

CardanoGPT, a trailblazing AI-focused startup in the Cardano ecosystem, has reached a significant milestone with the simultaneous launch of AskGirolamo, an intelligent X chat and reply bot, and the initiation of the beta testing phase for Girolamo, the innovative Discord chatbot.

These groundbreaking developments aim to revolutionize the way users interact with and access information about Cardano.

AskGirolamo, the New X Chatbot;

AskGirolamo, named after the esteemed mathematician Girolamo Cardano, is designed to be a real-time, AI-driven guide to all things Cardano. Whether users tag it under a tweet or mention it in their posts, this chatbot provides immediate, contextually relevant responses tailored to Cardano-related inquiries. It simplifies complex concepts, making Cardano's ecosystem accessible to a wider audience.

Key Features and Importance;

Real-Time Engagement: AskGirolamo enhances community engagement by providing instant responses, like having a Cardano expert available 24/7.

Accessibility: This X chatbot encourages informed discussions and assists newcomers in joining the Cardano ecosystem.

Direct Mentions: Users can mention @askgirolamo to receive well-thought responses on various topics, from technical queries to market insights.

Beta Testing of Girolamo Discord Chatbot;

Girolamo, an advanced AI-powered chatbot on Discord, has officially entered its beta phase. Named after Girolamo Cardano, it offers real-time, contextually aware responses to a wide range of Cardano-related questions and tasks. Girolamo also features content and image generation capabilities.

How to Join Girolamo Chatbot Beta Phase;

  • Purchase and hold a minimum of 5000 CGI tokens on WingRiders decentralized exchange Here
  • Join CardanoGPT Discord Server
  • Visit the #join-girolamo-beta-test channel and follow the verification procedure.
  • After verification, you'll gain access to the #create-chat-with-girolamo channel to create a personalized chat box with Girolamo.

Looking Forward;

CardanoGPT is committed to continuous innovation, research, and development. The launch of these chatbots marks a significant step in reshaping how users learn and grow within the Cardano ecosystem. Future enhancements will ensure that CardanoGPT remains at the forefront of AI technology in the blockchain space.

Connect with CardanoGPT

To learn more about this innovative Cardano project, which stands at the forefront of Blockchain x AI integration, join and connect with CardanoGPT on their

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