Can’t Believe if AI Songs Actually Exist? Here are the Top 7 Rock Songs Written by AI Bots

Can’t Believe if AI Songs Actually Exist?  Here are the Top 7 Rock Songs Written by AI Bots

AI Bots are writing one of the best AI rock songs in this AI era with the help of the best music composers.

Though Alan Turing's efforts with computer-generated melodies date back to 1951, and David Bowie, an English singer-songwriter, was experimenting with computerized lyric randomizers in the 1990s, AI songs have only lately come into their own. Advertisements and video games frequently avoid copyright and licensing difficulties by making their soundtracks with programs like Jukebox and Amper, which generate music based on mood, pace, and genre. Meanwhile, artists like Holly Herndon and Francois Pachet have collaborated with artificial intelligence on albums. Plus, owing to programs that can absorb an artist's whole body of work and produce new instances based on the patterns it discovers, the deep fake art has developed. Jay-Z, for example, had to take action against YouTubers who posted phony videos of him rapping Billy Joel tunes and Hamlet monologues. The rock world has also been subjected to such abuse. AI bots are creating several rock songs in this AI era. It's almost as if, after a long day of guessing 123 billion potential passwords for your PayPal account and flogging all of your data, even a hot-off-the-circuit board artificial intelligence wants to relax, grab a guitar simulator, and play a cover song or two. So far, these are the greatest and least terrible AI bots-created rock AI songs.

Song: Bored with This Desire to Get Ripped

AI Bot Name: Botnik feat. Morrissey

One of the tops AI rock songs, "Bored with This Desire to Get Ripped" is very popular. It was released in 2020. It is available on YouTube Music and JioSaavn. Botnik is a group that has created a song-writing computer that can be trained to propose words and lyrics from a database of source material, akin to predictive text. An AI Beach Boys and a computer mash-up of Bob Dylan lyrics with poor evaluations of eateries on Manhattan's 4th Street are among the tracks on their 'The Songularity' album (see what they did there?). They've combined Morrissey's lyrics with Amazon evaluations of a home workout DVD in this example, and the algorithm has weaved some unforgettable lines of cross-trainer miserabilism from these raw materials. "I was wasting all my money and my overall health / On a government scheme designed to push myself to die," their pretty terrible Moz imitation sings, "just to see results I started to cry."

Song: I Don't Wait to Be There

AI Bot Name: Botnik feat. The Strokes

One of the best AI rock songs, "I Don't Wait to Be There" is very popular. It was released in 2020. It is available on YouTube Music and JioSaavn. You start to feel terrible for the computer, combing through Julian Casablancas' not-quite-deathless lyrics for anything it can convert into Grammarly's notion of brilliant wordplay, knowing that its human operators aren't exactly Funk Turkey when it comes to band imitation. The best it can do is "Please don't make me go back to your place," "So long my favorite person," and "I just need a city to love," and Botnik make a passionate if an incompetent attempt at making it seem like NYC 2001. That's exactly the kind of stuff that'll persuade the AIs that we're a pointless species just useful for the vanadium we can extract from our bodies.

Song: Deliverance Rides

AI Bot Name: MetallicAI

One of the top AI rock songs, "Deliverance Rides" is also popular. The majority of the online AI parodies are the product of Funk Turkey, which composes believable musical parodies to complement the computer-generated lyrics. Metallic AI's growling charger, from the creator of Nickelbot, is a nasty metal bombardment with a remarkably realistic Hetfield avatar howling "Hell is the one who waits for you" and "Open your eyes… death!" Perhaps knowing it'll be rendered obsolete by Elon Musk. The program doesn't shy away from making references to mortality.

Song: Great Balls

AI Bot Name: AI/DC

Funk Turkey's AI reveals some of its strengths and limits while decoding the weight and lyricism of AC/DC. There is some tried-and-true wisdom ("You fool around, you women, with too many pills – yeah"), but there is also a lot of digital folly. It indicates, having not been programmed with any Angus Young/golden retriever weight ratios, that "I'm gonna ride on the dog a touch too much." It also needs to brush up on its knowledge of human innuendo. The suitably meaty chorus goes, "Great balls / Big balls / Too many women with the balls," before the software appears to connect with an internet slang dictionary and starts yelling "BOLLOCKS! KNACKERS!" The primary mystique of AC/DC disappears with evidence that the song is unmistakably about testicles. One of the best AI rock songs, "Great Balls" is also popular.

Song: Daddy's Car

AI Bot Name: Sony CSL Research Lab

Unlike the rest of this list, 'Daddy's Car' was created entirely by AI, including the soundtrack. Researchers built FlowMachines, which can learn to imitate a band's style from its entire collection of songs. They gave it The Beatles' whole works. "Take me to the diamond sky…Good day sunshine in the backseat car," It goes, dreamily montaging Beatles words like Noel Gallagher on heavy-duty tranquilizers, as the music takes a long road trip via uncanny valley through Brian Wilson's gaff. Another top AI rock song is "Daddy's Car".

Song: Tool Shed

AI Bot Name: Red Bot Chili Peppers

Funk Turkey used his lyric mutilation technology to RHCP, and the result was some absolute gems. "I'll be there — can I find your papa and spank you upon your mama?" It starts with a funk strut that captures both the Chili Peppers' fundamental funk strut and their parental priority. It then rhymes "meth lab" with "rehab," giving its virtual Keidis some real funk scat: "ba-di ba-da bazumba crunga cong gone bad." It was released in 2002. It is available on YouTube Music, Spotify, Gaana. It is also one of the best AI rock songs.

Song: Nobody Died Every Single Day

AI Bot Name: Nickelbot

Nickelback's sole saving grace is that they can't keep making songs. There's a merciful limit to how much they can play before they go to sleep — oh, what a relief! So the prospect of a computer playing Nickelback songs 24 hours a day, seven days a week is scarier than the prospect of a rogue AI obtaining nuclear launch codes, and this early example is a grim warning indeed. YouTube's Funk Turkey – as Arkansas comedy musician Kirt Connor – created this mangled grunge-lite abomination by force-feeding a Markov Chain software Nickelback song till it spewed sawdust and Sunsilk. The song has some catchy lines like: "Then we'd see the car/ You're never gonna be lonely gonna be alone/ Drink everything in sight hey."

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