Can AI Pave the Way for a Safer iGaming Environment?

Can AI Pave the Way for a Safer iGaming Environment?

Can AI provide cybersecurity to offer a safer iGaming environment?

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, is changing the way people do business and the way technology is advancing. Even in the iGaming world, AI can be used to make betting and playing safer.

Here's how:

How Can AI Make iGaming Safer?

Artificial intelligence can help make iGaming safer and improve the gambling experience. AI is reshaping online gambling from preventing addiction to curbing fraud and making the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

Artificial intelligence can help prevent addiction and promote responsible gaming by spotting signs of addiction. Along with chasing losses, other signs of gambling addiction include not knowing when to stop, staying up late to gamble or borrowing money to gamble. Casinos can leverage this technology to spot signs of gambling problems.

For example, licensed casinos in the UK can use AI to create environments that promote responsible gaming and help identify unhealthy gaming patterns before they progress. Casinos can go as far as having AI "cut off" players after so many losses or if it detects signs of addiction or problem gambling.

Already, there are quite a few AI solutions that aim to prevent gambling addiction. For example, one solution collects data from the operator, and generates a risk assessment for each player in their database. The AI-based solution analyses thousands of factors, including the amount of money the player spends, whether they are chasing losses, changes in their playing frequency, and more.

Some solutions can detect problem gambling 99% of the time.

Better Cheat Detection

AI can also help make iGaming safer by detecting cheaters. AI can identify and interpret suspicious behaviour, so online casinos can take the appropriate action before fraudsters damage the casino or its players.

Unlike a physical casino, there are no bouncers or security to catch cheaters in the act. AI can take their place to protect the casino and its players.

The AI systems of today can:

  • Monitor player behaviour
  • Detect potential fraud
  • Alert operators of potential issues

Also, predicting player behaviour can improve the experience while also lowering the risks of cheating. Heuristics and other solutions work together to analyse player choices, detect cheating and potentially alert operators to new forms of cheating that they never knew existed.

Anti-Fraud Protection

Customer fraud is a major concern for both online casino operators and the players that enjoy their games. Unfortunately, hackers will steal people's credit cards or break into their accounts and try to win money with the person's stolen information.

AI is helping to increase anti-fraud protection using:

  • Credit risk assessments
  • Fraud protection algorithms

Furthermore, AI is often deployed to analyse the very systems that they operate on. For example, some AI will scan and monitor key file changes to ensure that no data has been compromised.

Since employee fraud can also occur, the in-depth monitoring and scanning that artificial intelligence offers is changing the industry.

When systems are running optimally and fraud is thwarted before damage occurs, it's beneficial for operators and players alike.

Protect Privacy and Provide an Enjoyable Experience

When gambling online, players want to protect their privacy and they want to ensure that their funds are secure when making deposits or withdrawals.

AI can help improve security by ensuring that player funds are secure, and their private information is secure. That added protection makes the gaming experience more enjoyable for players.

The advantage of using AI is that it doesn't require human intervention. It works automatically, and no human will need to access the player's information.

Online casinos are at greater risk of cybersecurity attacks, which puts customer data at risk and can be devastating for casinos. While licensed and reputable casinos take steps to protect data, some loopholes may slip through the cracks, leaving the casino vulnerable.

AI and big data analysts can improve online security by detecting loopholes and irregularities as well as:

  • Cybersecurity threats
  • Alert the IT team to malicious code
  • Weaknesses in the network

Big data and AI itself can't protect an online casino. However, they can serve as useful tools to help casinos identify potential threats and take steps to circumvent them.

How Else Can AI Improve Online Gambling?

AI can help create a safer iGaming environment, but it can also benefit the industry in other ways.

Personalised Gaming Experience

With the help of AI, online casinos can provide a more personalised gaming experience for players.

AI can continuously adapt, and change gaming experiences based on a player's preferences. For example, AI can identify a player's preferred games and show similar games on their dashboard when they log into their account. AI can also identify trends and patterns in player behaviour, allowing it to make accurate projections.

Additionally, casinos can use AI to develop better loyalty programs and bonuses. By collecting and analysing data, AI can help operators provide more attractive options for players based on their own preferences.

Better Customer Service

Players who need assistance can be impatient or may have a question that's easily answered. AI can streamline customer service, allowing players to get the assistance they need as quickly as possible.

For example, AI can analyse the player's gaming habits, preferences, billing history and more to determine the best way to help. Players receive personalised responses, which makes the process feel more human-like.

AI-powered customer service can be available 24/7, which allows the casino to serve customers at any time of the day. These solutions can also be paired with human customer service solutions, allowing customers to get the best of both worlds.

The Takeaway

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for a safer iGaming environment by helping curb addiction, detect cheaters, prevent fraud, protect privacy and more. Beyond creating a safer environment, AI can also provide players with a better overall experience based on their personal preferences and offer more streamlined customer service.

As technology and AI advance, there's no doubt that its effects on online gambling will also change and advance. Data protection and fraud prevention are two key areas where AI will continue to help make iGaming safer.

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