Best AI Smartphones of 2024: Top 10 Models to Buy

Explore the Top 10AI Smartphones to Buy in 2024
Expect even more intelligent features like real-time health monitoring and proactive suggestions based on your habits and preferences.

The smartphone revolution continues its relentless march forward, and at the forefront of this exciting new frontier lies Artificial Intelligence. AI is rapidly transforming our mobile experience, making the best AI Smartphones of 2024 more intuitive, helpful, and powerful than ever before.

What are AI Smartphones?

The Best AI Smartphones of 2024 are equipped with specialized hardware and software that enable them to perform tasks that were once considered fantastical. These features leverage machine learning algorithms, allowing your phone to learn your habits, personalize your experience, and automate repetitive actions. Imagine an AI smartphone model in 2024 

that anticipates your needs, streamlines your daily tasks, and even captures breathtaking photos with minimal effort – that's the power of AI in your pocket.

The Rise of the Machines to Assist Us

The integration of AI isn't about replacing human interaction; it's about enhancing it. AI features can free up your time and mental space, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Let's delve deeper into some of the exciting AI functionalities that are changing the mobile landscape:

  • Smarter Assistants: Virtual assistants are no longer one-trick ponies. AI-powered assistants can now hold natural conversations, understand context, and even anticipate your needs. Imagine an assistant who proactively books a taxi based on your flight information or reminds you to call your mom on her birthday.

  • Personalized Experiences: AI tailors your phone's interface and features to your unique preferences. From learning your app usage patterns to curating a personalized newsfeed, AI ensures your phone experience is as individual as you are.

  • Enhanced Photography: Gone are the days of blurry photos and missed shots. AI-powered cameras can automatically adjust settings, remove unwanted objects, and even suggest the perfect composition for stunning results.

  • Intelligent Battery Management: AI can analyze your usage patterns and optimize battery consumption, ensuring your phone lasts throughout the day. No more scrambling for a charger just as you're about to capture that perfect sunset picture.

  • Proactive Security: AI can be a powerful tool for safeguarding your device. Features like facial recognition and voice authentication provide an extra layer of security, while AI algorithms can even detect and prevent potential security threats.

Best AI Smartphones of 2024

Now that you're primed for the future of mobile, let's explore the best  AI Smartphones for 2024

1Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (₹89,999): The undisputed king of AI features, the S24 Ultra boasts Samsung's powerful Galaxy AI suite is one of the top 10 models to buy. Imagine real-time language translation during calls, effortlessly searching for information with an image, or letting AI edit your photos to perfection. The chat assist feature even helps you craft the perfect message, ensuring clear and concise communication.

2. Google Pixel 8 Pro (₹74,999): Renowned for its exceptional camera capabilities, the Pixel 8 Pro takes it a step further with AI magic. The Magic Eraser lets you vanish unwanted objects from your photos with a tap, while Live Translate tackles real-time language barriers, translating text and conversations on the fly.

3OnePlus Open (₹1,09,999): This revolutionary foldable phone from OnePlus unfolds into a near-tablet size, perfect for multitasking powerhouses. Its AI prowess shines through with intelligent app organization and a context-aware voice assistant that adapts to your needs.

4. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (₹1,24,999): The latest iPhone packs a punch with the powerful A17 Bionic chip, featuring enhanced AI processing capabilities. Expect a significant boost in camera performance with AI-powered features like real-time scene optimization and cinematic video effects that will have you feeling like a director on set.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (₹1,39,999): Experience the future of foldable phones with the Z Fold5. The larger, improved display is a marvel, while AI integration enhances multitasking and provides a seamless transition between phone and tablet modes.

6iQOO 12 5G (₹49,999): The iQOO 12 5G is a value champion in the AI arena. It boasts intelligent game optimization that takes your mobile gaming to the next level, along with a personalized voice assistant that's always ready to help.

7. Xiaomi 13 Pro (₹59,999): Xiaomi's reputation for exceptional camera hardware meets the power of AI in the 13 Pro. Experience features like object recognition and automatic

8ASUS ROG Phone 6 (₹79,999): Catered toward gamers, the ROG Phone 6 utilizes AI for performance optimization, network latency reduction, and haptic feedback enhancements.

9. Vivo X Fold 3 Pro (₹84,999): Vivo's latest foldable phone features a powerful AI processor for smooth performance and innovative camera features like AI-powered night photography.

10Oppo Find X6 Pro (₹64,999): Oppo's flagship phone offers AI-powered features like a MariSilicon X imaging chip for exceptional low-light photography and a smart battery management system.


With AI constantly evolving, the possibilities for the best AI smartphones of 2024 are limitless. This list provides a starting point to find the perfect phone to elevate your mobile experience in 2024. When making your choice, consider your budget, preferred features, and the specific AI functionalities that best suit your needs.


1. What are the benefits of AI smartphones? 

AI offers features like personalization, automation, and enhanced processing power for tasks like photography and gaming.

2. Do AI smartphones drain battery life faster? 

While some AI features can consume more power, advancements in chip technology are mitigating this concern.

3. Are AI smartphones more secure? 

AI can be used for enhanced security features like facial recognition and voice authentication.

4. Will AI replace physical buttons? 

AI assistants might control some functions, but physical buttons are likely to remain for essential actions.

5. How will AI smartphones evolve in the future? 

Expect even more intelligent features like real-time health monitoring and proactive suggestions based on your habits and preferences.

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