How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Unilever’s Marketing Landscape

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Unilever’s Marketing Landscape

No questions, the impression, and influence of artificial intelligence technology is profound. When talking about companies who adopted AI to uplift their business, Unilever is one of the players to top the list. Unilever is employing AI to leverage some serious impact on its marketing including processing insights to finding influencers.

The company has 26 data centers across the globe where AI is being used to produce insights from an array of sources like social listening, CRM and conventional market research. Unilever invests in the technology with a hope to channelize the communication and the more personalized way which is eventually cheaper to produce and circumscribes at a level.

How Unilever Uses AI Technology?

The company has been using AI/ML for years to process structured data within a database but unfortunately, it's not the same with unstructured data. Notably, unstructured data is qualitative which extracts insights from content data such as text, audio, social media, and mobile activity. However, the AI venture of Unilever now analyses content data from different posts delivered or reacted by people.

Unilever has been able to accelerate the search process for market influencers via AI-centred influencer marketing platform known as Popular Chips. This technology not only aids the company to identify certain influencers with fake followers but also pairs up Unilever with legitimate ones. The detection and pairing are based on demographics including country, age, and gender.

The AI-powered technology has discovered those insights which company's marketers would have missed. Unilever's head of insights Stan Sthanunathan said, "AI is helping us to run metaphor analyses as we're able to look at all these different signals from unstructured data and start to see how the brain processes information. We can start to consider those metaphor analyses when we're working on brand architecture across the company as well as how to look at how we can manage our brands better." Stan is also the prime admirer for AI within the business

In parallel to this, the technology of artificial intelligence is also assisting recruiters to recruit executives including marketers.

Unilever partnered with AI firm Pymetrics in order to construct an online hub deploying technology to evaluate a candidate's aptitude, logic, reasoning, and appetite for whatever role they have applied for.

The next round of recruiting process involves video interview in which candidate's speech and body language are examined by AI.

According to Unilever, this embracement has chopped down nearly 70,000 hours from interviewing and analyzing procedure.

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