Artificial Intelligence Jobs for Top Talent at Netflix

Artificial Intelligence Jobs for Top Talent at Netflix

Netflix recruiting for various artificial intelligence job positions

The transformation in the tech industry has led to the introduction of new job positions across various domains. The streaming media service Netflix is also a part of this digital transformation. Netflix is also leveraging artificial intelligence power to create innovative content for its platform. The platform is also harnessing artificial intelligence in its business infrastructure and is redefining the audience viewing experience. There are many vacant positions for artificial intelligence jobs on Netflix and they are on the lookout for qualified candidates to fill out these vacant positions. Here we have listed some of the artificial intelligence jobs offered by Netflix.

1. Machine Learning Scientist (L4) – Content DSE

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: Machine Learning Scientist Netflix is recruiting for the position of Machine Learning Scientist (L4) for content DSE. Looking for someone to join our team to develop foundational tools for member analytics and understanding. This includes building models, analyzing and charting member insights, and creating and maintaining high-impact end-to-end lifecycles (ETLs) and downstream tools. This role provides you with the opportunity to take project ownership and make impactful decisions. If you are successful, you will work on existing priorities, but will also propose and implement new opportunities. The job role of the candidate includes creating and deploying cutting-edge machine learning models for visual, Auditory, and textual data to improve content comprehension and enhance content planning, content creation, and content promotion processes. Coordinate with the cross-functional teams (Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Consumer Researchers, and Content Teams) to understand the problem and figure out the road map to its solution for performing the task. Communication is the key and, in this position, the candidate must know how to communicate effectively the complex results of the analysis. Collaborate with a dynamic working environment to contribute to the growth of the OTT platform. It is one of the artificial intelligence jobs at Netflix.

2. Machine Learning Engineer (L4) – Infrastructure

Location:  Los Gatos, CA

Description: Netflix is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to fill out the vacancy. As an ML Engineer, you'll be part of a group of Infrastructure ML Engineers who you'll collaborate with to explore new opportunities for ML to enhance the performance, scalability and dependability of Netflix's core infrastructures. You'll also support existing infrastructures that are optimized for Netflix scale and collaborate with our infrastructural engineering teams to support those infrastructures' robustness. The job responsibilities of the role include working closely with ML Engineers to build systems that optimize our large-scale infrastructure. Support Infrastructure ML Engineers in maintaining and supporting existing systems. Utilize your experience in supporting existing systems to help inform how we can enhance support processes to enable us to scale efficiently. It is one of the available artificial intelligence jobs at Netflix.

3. Machine Learning Scientist 4 – Content & Media ML Foundations

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: Netflix hiring for the position of Content & Media ML Foundations. Drawing on rich multi-dimensional data (including text, video, audio, and images), the Content & ML Foundation's responsibility is to create ML models and tools (including custom generative algorithms and multidimensional embeddings that enable unique content understanding) that are highly leveraged and drive impact across Netflix. Distributed throughout the Data Science and Engineering division, the Core R&D Content and Media Labs, which are responsible for R&D that shapes the global reality of future creation of content and media distribution, are committed to creating the foundations for future content creation and media distribution. The mission of the role covers launching and running machine learning algorithms on future content and production systems, and creating ML tools among multimodal datasets of the platform and ML libraries. The candidate must stay up-to-date about the latest tech trends and research that can create a huge impact in content production.

4. Machine Learning Engineer L4, Algorithms Engineering 

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: We are seeking an enthusiastic and talented Machine Learning Engineer to join our Applied ML research team to estimate long term member satisfaction. As Netflix continues to expand, we are exploring new frontiers in personalization to assist our members in finding the content they will enjoy most. To do so, we need to understand what titles and what experiences produce the most delight for every member. You will contribute to the development, implementation, and scaling of the next generation personalization algorithms through the use of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. You will collaborate with an expert team of practitioners in the following techniques: How members experience titles and how this changes their long-term assessment of their Netflix service satisfaction. Operate and innovate in production algorithms. Conduct applied research through conceptualization, design, implementation, and validation of potential algorithmic enhancements. Conduct offline experiments and build online A/b tests for production systems. Collaborate with people from a wide range of disciplines (Behavioral scientists, Machine Learning researchers, Application Engineers).

5. Data Engineer (L5)

Location: United States

Description: Netflix is on the lookout for a Data Engineer for their office in the United States. The role of the Data Engineer at Netflix is to build systems to efficiently process data and model the data to drive analytics. From batch data pipelines to bringing business metrics to life, real-time data processing services to integrate with core product features are possible. We also require a deep understanding of the large distributed systems that our data solutions depend on. Candidates must know several of these skills and typically have a deep understanding of at least one of them. As a Data Engineer at Netflix, you will also need strong communication skills. You will need to work closely with business teams, engineering teams, and data scientists to create a learning culture. To learn more about how data engineers work at Netflix, please click the link below. Data Collection and Curation Netflix's Data Engineers curate data across domains such as Growth Finance Product Content Studio.

6. Data Scientist (L5) – Applied Research, Consumer Insights

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: Netflix is seeking a Data Scientist to join the team of Consumer Insights Data Management & Analytics (DM&A). In this position, you will use your statistical/machine learning skills, causal inference skills, and research design skills to drive innovation through the successful identification and implementation of analytics. You will bridge attitudinal data and behavioral data to provide holistic insights that inform and drive our business strategy. You'll work with researchers and data scientists, as well as engineers, to solve Netflix's toughest business problems through the analysis of robust consumer research. This is a high-growth, high-impact position where you will directly impact strategic decisions at Netflix. The Data Scientist for the Consumer Insights Data Management & Analytics (DM&A) a top-tier team of more than 90 quantitative and qualitative researchers with technical skills in applied data science and engineering and solutions development. Consumer Insights conducts innovative research to solve Netflix's toughest business problems.

7. ML Engineer L5, LLM Application Frameworks, Machine Learning Platform 

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: Netflix is seeking a motivated Software Engineer to work on a new team focused on Foundation Model infrastructure under our MLP (Machine Learning Platform) organization. The mission of MLP is to "Maximize the Business Impact of All ML at Netflix". We create cutting-edge ML infrastructure for key product functions including personalized recommendations, studio algorithms, virtual production, growth intelligence & content demand modeling amongst others. The applicant will be responsible for the frameworks of foundational model application for large-language models. The individual is required to build tooling of GenAI models including prompt management and RAG. As well as the candidate must create a user-friendly interface for APIs.

8. Data Engineer (L5) – Ads

Location: United States

Description: In search of a suitable person for the job position of Ads Data Engineering job opening in Netflix. The Ads Data Engineering team is responsible for building the data ecosystem that powers Netflix's ability to understand and make informed decisions about how ads impact our business. Our primary focus is to create rich, interconnected, and easy-to-use data products around ad inventory, forecast, target, serve, pace and more. We're looking for passionate, mature, inquisitive software engineers with deep data insights, an analytical mindset and extensive experience in the ad ecosystem. The candidate should be capable of shaping the impact of the team in a rapidly changing environment.

9. Research Scientist (L6) – Machine Learning and Inference Research

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: To find a suitable person for the role of Research Scientist to fill out the vacancy in Machine Learning and Interference Research. As part of the MRL team, you'll drive and execute cutting-edge research, working in close collaboration with other researchers on the team as well as with partners across a broad range of teams in product, growth and content. You'll use your knowledge of ML frontiers to shape the direction of the company's roadmaps and work cross-functional prototypes, tests, and implementations of your research to improve member experience and catalyze change throughout the company. The machine learning and inference research team is a research team dedicated to building Netflix's technical capabilities by exploring research questions that align with the greatest challenges at Netflix and collaborating with teams throughout the business to make those capabilities a reality. You will also engage with the wider ML research community in the form of conferences, publications and organizational activities as well as academic collaborations.

10. Data Scientist (L5) – Title & Launch Management

Location: Los Gatos, CA

Description: Seeking a Data Scientist for the job opening in the Title & Launch Management team. The Title & Launch Management data science and engineering team aims to enable operational excellence and creative excellence in distributing and promoting our content. We work closely with our partners within the Product Discovery & promotion organization and our work directly supports the launch of high-quality content on our service, and helps the members find content they love. We conduct analyses, create models, and develop analytical tools to support our partners in achieving these primary goals. The company is looking for an exceptional data scientist to help us discover the content of the service.  The applicant will work alongside our world-class merchandising practitioners, and different cross-functional teams, to create a strategy and deliver impact through statistical and machine learning tools.

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