AI Tools Every Modern Lawyer Should Know About

Stay Ahead in the Legal Field with AI Tools Designed to Enhance Your Practice In 2024
AI Tools Every Modern Lawyer Should Know About

The legal sector is going through a sea change due to rapidly evolving technology. Among them, AI has emerged as the litmus test for lawyer’s work. The use of AI-tools in law practice today is no longer futuristic but part of the modern-day legal profession where it improves on speed and accuracy and increases productivity. Now lawyers are expected to know about and use AI-tools in this new space. This article will highlight some of the key AI tools that can make a competitive and efficient lawyer in today’s computerized society.

The use of Artificial intelligence tools is one among many other ways that have seen changes in practicing law, attorneys every day, due to the introduction of powerful emerging technologies. Incorporation of AI is becoming more noticeable, and present-day lawyers rely more often on it as an aid to their performance improvement. Below are some basic AI terms which each attorney should be aware of living working environment.

1. Ravel Law


Ravel Law is an inventive legal research database that harnesses artificial intelligence technology to enhance effectiveness of legal research process through data analysis on case laws with detailed case databases offering a comprehensive range. Through its extensive case databases, it provides comprehensive case analysis, reveals legal patterns in the form of visual graphics, and enables a lawyer to predict how the case is likely to be concluded on the basis of analysis of past similar cases.

Key Features:

 Case illustration and evaluation.

 Judicial analytics.

 Advanced search functionalities.


The innovative aspects of PLE that are valuable for students include the following:

Emphasises aspects related to case law and judicial activity in specific ways.

It improves forecast on specific cases that are within the jurisdiction of the court.

2. ROSS Intelligence


ROSS Intelligence is an artificial intelligence tool that has been designed to imitate a legal researcher for helping users to frame and answer legal questions. It offers exact solutions and legal cases that bear the legal propositions that claimed to make.

Key Features:

Natural language search.

Legal reference: This site provides answers to questions raised by the legislation of the countries that make up the EU, access to legal databases that contain relevant laws and legislative acts.

Commitment to corporation and continual learning.


Transforming search queries into natural language for improved and efficient legal researches.

Helps address clients’ questions and concerns involving legal matters efficiently.

Reduces collection time, inaccuracy of data, or reliance on expensive downloads.

3. LawGeex


LawGeex is a contract review AI tool that automates the process of reviewing and signing contracts. It enforces company rules while also pointing out risks and differences in potential issues.

Key Features:

Automated contract review and approval.

Risk assessment and compliance checks.

Integration with existing contract management systems.


Speeds up the contract review process.

Reduces human errors and enhances compliance

Identifies potential risks early in the review process.

4. Kira Systems


Kira Systems utilizes machine learning to analyze and extract important details from contracts and other legal documents. This technology assists lawyers in swiftly identifying crucial clauses and obligations, thereby improving due diligence

Key Features:

Automatic extraction of contract provisions.

Customizable models for different document types.

Collaborative review functionalities.


Increases the speed and accuracy of contract analysis.

Improves due diligence with comprehensive document review.

Facilitates collaboration among legal teams.

5. Casetext


Casetext is an AI-driven legal research platform that provides access to a vast database of case law, statutes, and regulations. It uses AI to offer relevant case suggestions and supports brief drafting.

Key Features:

Comprehensive legal research database.

CARA A.I. for relevant case suggestions.

Tools for brief analysis and drafting.


Enhances the efficiency of legal research.

Provides more accurate case suggestions.

Assists in drafting and reviewing legal briefs

The integration of AI into the legal field helps streamline research, enhances accuracy, and allows lawyers to focus more on strategic thinking and client interaction. Familiarity with AI tools like Ravel Law, ROSS Intelligence, LawGeex, Kira Systems, and Casetext is crucial for lawyers to remain competitive and efficient in today's fast-paced environment. By leveraging these advanced technologies, legal professionals can improve their performance, better serve their clients, and stay ahead in an ever-progressing landscape.

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