AI in India has Grown Exponentially Resulting Mass Transformation

AI in India has Grown Exponentially Resulting Mass Transformation

The use of AI in India has grown exponentially leading to widespread enterprise transformation

Technology is a continuous growth with something or the other emerging every second. The ability of artificial intelligence to personalize the customer experience by analyzing data is making it the need of the hour. Since businesses have to handle a massive amount of structured and unstructured data in real-time, they are availing artificial intelligence and its sub-technologies to drive insightful decisions. 

In short, artificial intelligence is the future. No other technology has achieved so much in a very short span of time as artificial intelligence did. It is considered the breakthrough of the 21st century. We can find AI's influence in every industry starting from healthcare to education, manufacturing, banking and finance, telecommunication, shipping, etc. The extreme need for artificial intelligence solutions has hit the market, resulting in the emergence of many AI start-ups from across the globe. As a result, India is also transitioning its ecosystem to house more AI development. In fact, the number of AI startups in India has massively gone up in the past few years. The Indian government has also pushed its initiatives to invest US$477 million in technology via the Digital India motive. According to a survey, funding to AI startups in India has gone up by 97.27% since 2013. 

As artificial intelligence expands to offer even more customer-centric and business-based solutions, organizations are looking out for companies that provide the best in market technology. 

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