AI in Biometrics: The New Elixir of Digital Security

AI in Biometrics: The New Elixir of Digital Security

AI in biometrics enhances a layered biometric system by adding impenetrable layers

There is nothing scarier than compromised credentials when it comes to enterprise security. Biometric technology, which is essentially human-programmed has been protecting entrepreneurial infrastructure. However, with the growing sophistication of technology and attacks, digital security systems have become vulnerable to external attacks. A layered or multimodal approach can better protect the security systems ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the system. AI-enabled biometric systems can help improve traditional systems in the following ways:

Behavioral biometric technology, which captures data like mouse activity, mobile device motion, mobile screen entries, etc., can benefit greatly from artificial intelligence. For example, certain systems require us to enter a captcha to authenticate. With AI-enabled systems, it is highly possible that the pattern you open the application can be identified to give access. And, unlike traditional systems, AI can stay with you for the entire session preventing unauthorized access. For example, if you leave a session in the middle, and an intruder gets to access the session, AI could quickly recognize the modified pattern and restrict it dynamically.

When it comes to facial recognition, hackers usually reverse engineer photo imprints having biometric verification landmarks like distance from the bridge of the nose to the eye and other facial features. When this data is processed with neural networks, an eDNA vector is formed. As access to the vector is not available, it is difficult to reverse engineer. Similar is the case with voice verification. The voice sample provided by the user, processed by the Librosa library, is converted into digital format. When this data is fed to the neural network, it forms an eDNA feature vector that takes into multiple biometric factors such as timbre, intonation, tempo, and pitch which normal biometric systems cannot register.

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