AI in Aqua Farming is Changing The Future of Fish Growth

AI in Aqua Farming is Changing The Future of Fish Growth

Aqua farming is gaining huge popularity so much so that the industry has made it to the list of the world's fastest growing industries. Despite the industry being into existence for centuries, it is still young and growing at a rapid rate. Aqua Farming has a set of challenges to tackle, such as disease control, low production, feeds and nutrition and a lot more. Well, Artificial intelligence to the rescue it is! It has always been a constant effort to increase the growth of fish using whichever means possible. The advancement in technology has paved the way for rapid growth in fish farming. Have a look at how technology has impacted the fish farming industry in a positive way.

One of the biggest concerns pertaining to fish farming is that of parasites and diseases. The cramped condition of the fish farms is usually the reason for this. Ultimately, the impact on yield and maintenance and production costs is clearly seen. Well, robotic cages to the rescue it is! The robots stand the potential to examine the condition of the fish thereby paving the way for an efficient way of fish farming and operation management.

What can get better than a technology that allows monitoring of fish farms without involving humans? Well, this is exactly what remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have in store to offer. With these vehicles in place, farmers can inspect nets quickly without leaving their desks. Also, it is possible to fit cameras to the vehicles that make it a lot easier to enable lateral inspection without any problem whatsoever. Though such equipment is a little high on investment, it is definitely worth every penny that you spend.

With the demand for seafood continuing to rise, AI has helped the industry in increasing yields without much to bother about. Artificial intelligence has made farmers understand the analytics of how their inputs affect the growth of fish under various conditions thereby improving aquaculture drastically. With AI in place, fisheries can now understand various feeding strategies. Wondering how the AI systems would work? Well, these AI systems would make use of cloud infrastructures to provide analysis. Not just that – it is possible to find anomalies as well using data-driven insights.

One of the major concerns pertaining to fish farming is that of overfishing. Thanks to AI – it stands the potential to significantly reduce overfishing through data collection systems. These data collection systems rely on AI to bring in accountability in harvesting practices. What has turned out to be a blessing for the fishing industry is the application of technology in the form of sensors, drones, and robots. They are avidly being used for data collection followed by feeding it to sophisticated algorithms for improved decision making.

In order to meet the rising market demand and expectations of the customers, fishing companies, these days, are inclined towards simpler technologies such as camera and feeding systems. The companies further incorporate AI-based system learning into their technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Underwater pollution is yet another challenge faced in fash farming practices. Yet again, AI to the rescue it is! Artificial Intelligence can help in detecting underwater pollution and alarm the farmers regarding the same. Following this, the farmers can send out robots to rectify the situation.

Today, technology does demand slight human intervention. However, in the near future, most of the decisions will be carried out autonomously by virtue of AI.  The demand for sustainability has increased over the years.

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