Ai-Da Is The New Villian For Artistis! Says ‘Not Alive’ But Can Create Art

Ai-Da Is The New Villian For Artistis! Says ‘Not Alive’ But Can Create Art

Ai-Da's art is evoking many curious questions. UK's parliamentarians shoot a few.

Can technology create meaningful art? Maybe yes or maybe not – it depends on whom you ask. People have been having endless arguments over the efficacy and usefulness of AI art generators and the artistic capabilities of robots. But it seems the idea of asking robots themselves about the art it creates hasn't occurred yet.  UK's parliamentarians have gone on an interesting yet enlightening mission of learning about robotic art, all by engaging the robot in a tete-a-tete. The politicians from the Communications and Digital Committee questioned Ai-Da in UK Parliament about the relationship between artificial intelligence, robots, and the arts. Ai-Da creates her art by capturing images through her eye cameras. The AI algorithms process the image into real space coordinates to be converted into art by the robotic arm. "I do not have subjective experiences despite being able to talk about where I am and depend on computer programs and algorithms that are very not alive. I can still create art," said Ai-Da during the interaction.

Who is Ai-Da

Named after 19th-century computer scientist Ada Lovelace, it is invented in 2019 by gallerist Aidan Meller in collaboration with Engineered Arts, a British robotics company, and is considered the world's first ultra-realistic robot artist with special abilities in painting and poetry. The drawing intelligence was developed by computer AI researchers at the University of Oxford, and the humanoid robot's drawing arm is the work of engineers based in Leeds. She had her first solo show, 'Unsecured Futures' at the University of Oxford, where her art inspired people to understand the inevitability of a tech-driven future. Ever since that show, she traveled around the world, including presenting her art in a virtual exhibition at United Nations. And, only in April month, she participated in Venice Biennale, with a solo show titled 'Leaping into Metaverse'.

Ai-Da Is Not Yet Sure of The Impact

When quizzed about its art and the impact it will have on UK's art industry, Ai-Da was very optimistic about the tech-generated art. Answering Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Featherstone AI artist Ai-Da said, "Role of technology in creating art will continue to grow as the artists find new ways to use technology to express themselves and reflect and explore the relationship between technology, society, and culture." From the replies, it is quite evident that she understands the kind of change technology can bring in, particularly with the advent of technologies like photography and films. Further, she adds "It is likely that this trend will continue with new technologies. There is no clear answer as to the impact on the wider field, as technology can be both a threat and an opportunity for artists creating art."

The Dialogue Is Worth Having for More Than One Reason

Despite being a mechanical bot, its work resembles that of many human artists and at times is collaborative. Her work is clearly concerted, across several branches, such as, between artists, scientists, designers, machines, and computers. The paintings she creates can be viewed as an embodiment of the networked, technological, physical, and virtual worlds enriched by creative real-life artists. However, there are enough reasons why the art of the AI artist Ai-Da should be taken with a pinch of salt. The impression one gets of a huge self-portrait with her eyes shut is definitely not amusing and reminds the audience why technology is blind and can prove to be dangerous if employed without regard for the consequences. Meller's statement, "The greatest artists in history grappled with their period of time, and both celebrated and questioned society's shifts. Ai-Da Robot, as technology, is the perfect artist today to discuss the current obsession with technology and its unfolding legacy", suggests it is a part of evolutionary tendency, the milieu of art carries. In the post-humanist era, an era that would challenge the very idea of artist and creativity, hopefully, Ai-Da's art could defend itself against the winds of reductio ad absurdum.

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