7 Best AI Blogs to Follow in 2023 to Stay Updated (Unranked)

7 Best AI Blogs to Follow in 2023 to Stay Updated (Unranked)

Looking for the best AI blogs to read in 2023?

AI is getting big. Many people are using AI tools like ChatGPT for lots of things. But, what if you want to know more? What if you want the latest news and ideas about AI?

There are many great AI blogs out there, and these blogs can give you new ideas, teach you stuff, and keep you up-to-date.

We have listed the best AI blogs you should follow if you want to stay updated, and if you love to know everything about prompts, tools, news, and other related AI topics.

So, keep reading to find your next go-to source for all things AI!

Best AI Blogs to Follow Right Now

So, do you want to stay updated on AI?

Following AI blogs is a smart move, as blogs can tell you about new tech, ideas, and things that are changing fast in the world of AI. You can learn a lot and stay ahead.

Here are the 7 best AI blogs to follow right now as each of these blogs offers something unique, and together, they provide a well-rounded view of the AI landscape:

OpenAI is not just a company; it's a thought leader in the AI space. Born from the brains that brought us innovations like ChatGPT, OpenAI's blog is a goldmine for those looking to delve deep into AI.

Here you won't just find updates; you'll find essays and insights that can shape your understanding of AI. For instance, in 2023, CEO Sam Altman went on a world tour, sharing the stage with policymakers, developers, and the public.

This outreach is a testament to OpenAI's commitment to community engagement. It's a dynamic, rich blog with insights and updates about AI projects, challenges, and ethical considerations.

  • Main topics covered: ChatGPT, Dall-E, AI ethics, AI in healthcare, New releases.
  • Who Should Read: Researchers, AI enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the future of AI.
  • Reading Frequency: Weekly updates.

2. GreatAIPrompts (GAIP)

GreatAIPrompts is a cool site that makes AI simple. It's for everyone, even if you're new to AI.

The blog was made because of a love for AI's big potential. It helps you learn about tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Stable Diffusion, and more through guides and tutorials.

It caters to a broad audience—whether you're a student looking to learn or a professional looking to use AI for almost anything.

  • Main topics covered: ChatGPT, AI news, Tutorials, AI Tools, Image Generation.
  • Who Should Read: Beginners, educators, professionals in content creation.
  • Reading Frequency: Daily updates.

TechCrunch is a veteran in the tech blog space, always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology news.

It's not just another news outlet; it's a comprehensive resource offering deep dives into tech startups, funding news, and market trends.

If there's a new AI company getting a buzz or a ground-breaking piece of technology launching, you'll likely hear it first on TechCrunch.

  • Main topics covered: Startup news, technology trends, AI investments, gadget reviews.
  • Who Should Read: Investors, tech entrepreneurs, gadget lovers.
  • Reading Frequency: Daily updates.

The Verge has a reputation for being exhaustive regarding tech news and reviews.

Operated by VOX Media, it offers a plethora of articles, podcasts, and videos that dissect every new product or tech trend.

From AI chips in new gadgets to the ethical concerns surrounding facial recognition, The Verge has you covered. It's like your daily tech newspaper but a lot cooler.

  • Main topics covered: Gadget reviews, tech trends, personal tech, and AI in everyday life.
  • Who Should Read: General tech audience, gadget fans, and those interested in the ethical implications of tech.
  • Reading Frequency: Daily updates.

The Google AI Blog is a go-to blog for anyone who wants to know the most latest updates about AI.

Since it comes straight from Google, you can expect top-notch, reliable information. The blog offers detailed research papers, updates on new AI projects, and news on how AI is used for social good.

If you're looking for the latest cutting-edge work in AI, this is one blog you can't afford to miss.

  • Main Topics Covered: Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Machine Learning, AI for Social Good, Quantum Computing.
  • Who Should Read: Tech professionals, AI researchers, students, and people interested in the impact of AI on society.
  • Reading Frequency: Weekly to bi-weekly updates.

Hackernoon is the blog you go to when you want to dig deep. It has articles that span the whole tech spectrum, but its AI section is particularly strong.

The writers range from industry veterans to passionate newcomers, all offering unique perspectives. Hackernoon allows you to see AI from different angles, whether it's technical, ethical, or even philosophical.

  • Main topics covered: AI news, blockchain tech, programming tutorials, ethical considerations in AI, and career advice in tech.
  • Who Should Read: Programmers, tech enthusiasts, blockchain fans, career seekers in tech.
  • Reading Frequency: Daily updates.

MIT has been a pioneer in technology and science for decades, and its AI blog is no different. You can expect to find high-quality, research-backed articles here.

The blog not only covers advancements in AI but also its applications across various domains like healthcare, transportation, and even art.

It's an educational treasure trove for anyone serious about understanding the cutting edge of AI technology.

  • Main topics covered: AI research, applications of AI, interviews with experts, AI ethics, AI in education.
  • Who Should Read: Academics, researchers, students, policy makers.
  • Reading Frequency: Weekly updates.

Stay Updated in the AI World with These Blogs

By now, you've got a good idea of the top AI blogs to follow to stay in the loop.

No matter whether you are an AI researcher, a tech enthusiast, or just someone curious about the impact of AI on society, these blogs have something for everyone.

We've covered blogs focusing on AI ethics, machine learning, natural language processing, and even AI's role in social good.

So, it's time to jump in and boost your AI knowledge by 10X.

If you want to explore more about AI technologies, trends, and how they're shaping our world, don't forget to check out these resources:

And hey, one more thing before you go. To maximize your AI journey, consider subscribing to these blogs today. Most offer weekly or daily updates, so you'll always be in the know.

Happy learning!

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