5 Industries that Will Rely Heavily on AI in the Future

5 Industries that Will Rely Heavily on AI in the Future

Artificial is the buzzword for a few years until tech marketers started leveraging AI to its potential. Be it IBM, google, meta or any other tech mammoth, these companies are putting AI as primary before everything to optimize their performance and functionalities. As the popularity of AI is growing some industries are influenced by AI and ML for advancement. In this article, we have discussed five industries that will rely heavily on AI in the future. Read this article to know more about them.

  1. AI in transportation

The most exciting and beneficial AI application in transport is the development of autonomous vehicles. But there are fewer known problems that AI provides solutions such as predictive traffic modelling. AI gathers available transport data from sensors and cameras on roads to formulate models that inform traffic management, ease traffic flows and reduce the risk of accidents.

  1. AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is already transforming the healthcare industry. Even after months of research, doctors were unable to detect the presence of a rare type of leukaemia in a patient using IBM's cognitive supercomputer. With electronic health records in place, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are only making personalised healthcare a reality today. Predictive healthcare is also slowly gaining traction.

  1. AI in Manufacturing Industries

Numerous aspects of the manufacturing industry AI-based bots or systems could improve. AI would become unavoidable for the manufacturing industries, from robot-driven assembly lines to intelligent systems that can predict machinery failure. It may also be used to eliminate redundant skill sets and engage employees in meaningful work. AI-powered bots or machines would also aid in resolving supply-chain issues across a large geographical area, reducing shipping and delivery times for online products.

  1. AI in Advertising

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a campaign to see if it would be effective for a specific group of target audiences, AI-powered systems would efficiently simulate the campaign with previous data and deliver precise results. This would be a game changer in marketing because brands and businesses would have a safe place to put their money. Reaching out to potential customers, generating leads and converting them to sales, determining a new product's market share before launch, and conducting competitive research could all be made easier with smart sentiment analysis tools and techniques.

  1. AI in Finance

Finance has always required one of the most precise computing systems to be in place for a variety of purposes. In terms of AI and ML, the finance sector would rely heavily on these technologies' systems to detect fraudulent transactions and pave the way for safer and more secure online transactions. It can also forecast the rise and fall of stock prices in the market and assist financial advisers in developing optimal investment strategies.

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