10 Innovative Indian AI Startups with Disruptive Products

10 Innovative Indian AI Startups with Disruptive Products

Unveiling Innovation: 10 Indian AI Startups Redefining the Technological Landscape

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of innovation, and India stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. Across the country, a wave of startups is harnessing the power of AI to create disruptive products that are reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Here, we delve into the realm of innovation and spotlight 10 Indian AI startups that are making waves with their groundbreaking solutions.


Founded by Dr Suman Katragadda, Heaps Health Solutions is a global healthtech platform and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, which leverages advanced data analytics, AI, and ML, to revolutionize healthcare delivery and payment models. The startup works with key stakeholders such as patients, payers (insurance companies), providers (hospitals), and large corporations. The platform enables patient care management and coordination and is supported by ML and AI features, customizing care management plans for each patient or policyholder.


Yellow.ai is one of the top Indian AI start-ups with the world's leading conversational CX platform for consumer-centric brands. It has successfully combined the power of human intelligence with artificial intelligence to provide active learning to deliver on-demand customer experience at scale. The total customer lifecycle automation includes building, automating, responding, engaging, driving insights, and deploying. It offers a wide range of platforms such as Proprietary NLP, bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, campaign management, and many more with solutions like customer engagement automation, customer support automation, conversational commerce automation, HR automation, and ITSM automation. 

Data Sutram

Data Sutram has received US$2.07 million from eminent investors such as Varanium Capital and Yatra Angel Network. It is a Mumbai-based location intelligence startup that offers sector-focused data packages to help enterprises acquire customers efficiently. It will use this funding on AI scaling up the operations at an international level and investing in new data sources. 


RealBox Data Analytics provides a suite of AI-powered business analytics tools that deliver insights for the betterment of the organization. The company works with voice assistants, and other smart personal assistants to enable large enterprises to share valuable analytics with business leaders to maximize ROI for the enterprise.


CropIn is known as the ingenious Indian AI start-up delivering future-ready farming solutions to the agricultural sector. It delivers decision-making tools with live reporting, data analysis, data interpretation, and many more. There are multiple AI-based farm management solutions such as SmartFarm, SmartRisk, SmartWare, and RootTrace. There are also six segments including farming companies, seed production companies, Agri input companies, financial lending institutions, crop insurance providers, and government and advisories. 


Gurugram-based fleet management startup LocoNav was founded in 2016 by Shridhar Gupta and Vidit Jain. It is a full-stack fleet software company focused on democratizing access to fleet technology for drivers and fleet owners in emerging and high-growth markets around the world. 


Incorporated in 2019 by Abhishek Nehru and Santosh Dabke, Ripplr, which is owned and operated by Intelligent Retail Private Ltd, offers India's plug-n-play integrated distribution network for brands. It is an AI-driven full-stack distribution startup that offers distribution as a service (DaaS) to brands and is building India's asset-light and tech-enabled distribution network. This Bengaluru-based startup is building both digital and offline end-to-end capabilities that would enable brands from testing their products in the targeted market to scaling distribution from hundreds of large format retail stores to thousands of small stores across geographies.


Agricx is one of the top ingenious Indian AI start-ups as well as the world's first AI-based SaaS stack for entities in the agriculture sector. It is focused on reinventing transactions across the food supply chain by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to eliminate inefficiencies efficiently. It has launched a stand-alone app for quality analysis known as Agricx-Inspect, an enterprise application for processors known as Agricx-Procure, an affordable device for lab-like results known as Agricx-Spectral, and an open platform for third-party integration. 


Expertrons is a well-known Indian start-up of AI and is known as an artificial intelligence video bot platform to offer online training and development programs to career-seeking students. There are interactive video bots of domain-specific experts from top educational institutes to crack interviews, internships, as well as B-School interviews across India. It offers Expertrons Pro and Expertrons Plus to aspiring candidates. 


Founded with the mission to radically change how enterprises achieve autonomy by automating complex business processes, Jiffy.ai 's intelligent automation platform empowers business users to adapt to change and innovate faster. The integrated platform, which was launched in 2018 by Payeli Ghosh, Krishnan Subramanian, Babu Sivadasan and Sudhir Sen, employs the cognitive capabilities of no-code based software development, intelligent document processing, NLP, RPA (robotic process automation), ML, and AI along with an overarching human-in-the-loop approach to power the next generation of enterprise applications.

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