10 Free AI Courses You Need to Know

10 Free AI Courses You Need to Know

Enhance your AI expertise in 2023 with these free online courses. Enroll now!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a prominent and evolving domain within computer science, garners significant attention and research. It's a burgeoning field that's progressively gaining traction, still in its early stages but advancing remarkably. Despite being distant from human-level intelligence, AI has achieved remarkable milestones and is influencing diverse sectors.

Numerous educational institutions provide free AI courses due to its significance. This free AI courses list highlights the top 10 free AI courses available at Great Learning Academy. With over 1000 free courses, this platform empowers professionals to enhance skills and career prospects across domains like AI, ML, Data Science, Management, and Marketing.

Outlined below are the top 10 AI courses from Great Learning Academy to facilitate your AI journey:

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Embark on the "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course for an in-depth AI understanding. Delve into neural networks, foundational to AI, and explore major AI domains like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, Ph.D. from Stanford University, is the faculty, with the Academic Director at Great Learning, an ex-faculty MIT member.

2. Introduction to Deep Learning

"Introduction to Deep Learning" imparts deep learning principles and neural network insights. Gain insights into applications across sectors and frameworks within neural networks. "Computer Vision Essentials" covers image digitization, classification, detection, and more, including CNN applications and Transfer Learning. Enrich your skills through practical case studies.

3. Computer Vision Essentials:

The "Digital Image Processing" course delves into deep neural networks and Google's TensorFlow library. Enhance skills in data augmentation, image processing, and classification. The courses offer comprehensive knowledge and practical insights into these critical AI aspects.

4. Digital Image Processing

Dive into the 'Digital Image Processing' course, learning deep neural networks and Google's TensorFlow library with prebuilt Keras. Enhance skills in data augmentation, image processing, and classification, including case studies like face detection, smile detection, and image conversion.

5. Introduction to Keras and TensorFlow

Enroll in the 'Introduction to Keras and TensorFlow' course for a comprehensive understanding of Tensors, from basics to complexities. Learn Keras framework usage and TensorFlow for linear regression. Grasp neural networks, tensors, and computational graphs' functioning, with practical Python demonstrations.

6. Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Explore 'Introduction to Natural Language Processing' to uncover how NLP extracts insights from text data. Learn Sentiment Analysis, Text Blob preprocessing, Semantic Segmentation, chatbot design, Recommendation Systems, and more. Embrace hands-on sessions in this AI-driven NLP branch, vital for bridging human-computer communication.

7. Sentiment Analysis using Python

Discover the 'Sentiment Analysis using Python' course, exploring how businesses benefit from NLP's applications like sentiment analysis. Learn to analyse sentiment for diverse purposes, starting with Amazon reviews and extending to Twitter data. Key concepts covered are vectorization and modeling.

8. Artificial Intelligence Projects

Participate in the 'Artificial Intelligence Projects' course for practical learning, focusing on specific functions like pattern recognition and data classification. Master Deep Learning techniques for stock price prediction, including model training through a case study. Develop skills in implementing AI solutions and models, offering insights into real-world business applications.

9. Building Recommendation System

Explore the 'Building Recommendation System' course, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of this extensively utilized Machine Learning application. Cover recommendation system types and learn to design a detailed movie recommendation system using Python.

10. How to Build your own Chatbot using Python?

 Enroll in the 'How to Build your own Chatbot using Python?' course for a hands-on approach to creating chatbots. These bots, a common use of NLP and AI, facilitate tasks from ordering groceries to car purchases. Gain theoretical and practical insights, enabling you to create and

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