An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Talent Intelligence Platform

Joanna Riley

Hiring equality and gender parity are some of the most significant issues of the current time. All companies say that their people are their greatest asset, but almost three-quarters of companies can’t find the right talent for their most critical roles. Recruiting challenges led to a worldwide spend of over $500 billion last year, the highest in history. To win the war for talent, equality and merit have to be a priority.

Censia helps its clients scale faster, with better people, that stay longer, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes today. Censia cuts the cost to hire down by 60 percent, fills roles in half the time it takes internal teams while driving up diversity across all clients.

Censia delivers broader and more diverse pools of candidates that are better qualified, eliminates wasteful time and processes, and helps companies make better decisions, faster.

The company has recognized that the talent shortage around the world is heavily due to the biased hiring process and is determined to change the way companies search for talent. The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform significantly lessens the time enterprises spend on recruiting while dramatically increasing the quality and diversity of the candidate pool.

Joanna Riley, the Founder, and CEO of Censia, defines the Talent Intelligence Platform as the engine of her company. Using machine learning it has derived insights from data of over 500 million professionals. Talent acquisition teams can model an ideal candidate and find more top performers based on merit and not restricted to human bias.

Keyword search requires human input of assumptions that subscribe to the idea that the best candidates are from ivy leagues schools or have worked at companies like Google. The Talent Intelligence Platform helps the company deliver the mission that drives it—to enable discovery of talent hidden by bias, leveraging AI to change the way Censia searches for talent, to change behaviors, and ultimately remove human bias.

Censia is on a mission to eradicate human bias and enable hiring managers to measure people by merit and character. Like Netflix and Spotify did for movies and music, Censia is enabling discovery of top talent. The company’s Talent Intelligence Platform is an AI and ML solution that changes the way talent teams and recruiters search for talent, to change behaviors in talent acquisition, which will ultimately remove human bias that is affecting billions of professionals around the world.

According to Joanna, for enterprises around the world, the Censia solution significantly lessens the time a client firm spends on recruiting while dramatically increasing the quality of the candidate pool.

Joanna says, in the process of development of this platform, the biggest challenge is changing the existing mentality and creating technology that aligns the hiring managers with recruiting professionals. Censia is changing behavior from searching with keywords to modeling the ideal candidate. Getting people to change the way they evaluate and think about talent sourcing from a hiring manager’s perspective will be key to adopting Censia’s platform.

The platform supports evaluating candidates on merit and capability, and not by pattern matching through keywords or prior experience. The next industrial revolution is already underway and the roles people will have in 15 years are evolving but not yet fully in existence. Joanna believes that the jobs that will exist in 15 years will be a challenge to fill because no one will yet have the experience. Talent will need to be evaluated differently and the talent acquisition teams have a critical role in leading the evolution.


Significant Partnerships Driving Innovation

Censia has a strategic partnership with, empowering 9,000 recruiters to source talent using its platform. The company has integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) at Jobvite, ICIMS, Bullhorn, Greenshou, and SAP SuccessFactors. It has also integrated with Beamery’s CRM. SAP PartnerEdge is the developer partnership that enables Censia to provide its platform on the customer portal on SAP’s AppCenter.


A Valuable Leadership

Joanna Riley is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully led companies from startup to IPO with a valuation of close to US$1 billion. She was one of the few women around the world to be founding CEO of a public company that had one of the best-performing stocks for over a year. However, what makes Joanna unique is the experiences that molded her into the leader she is today.

In 2017, she faced an incredibly challenging situation where her company was the target of a hostile takeover. But as hard as it was, she found ways to not only rise above it but thrive. Her life’s passion is to change the way people are hired by removing the bias that plagues three billion professionals globally. Millions of people are discriminated against because they are the wrong gender, the wrong race, they didn’t go to an ivy league school or work at a Fortune 500 company.