Arria NLG: Connecting the Data World with the Power of Language

Arria NLG is the global leader in a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Natural Language Generation (NLG). Headquartered in the United States and with offices located around the globe, Arria NLG develops and licenses its own Natural Language Generation solutions to meet the spectacular demand for technology to assess and immediately communicate insights and results in exactly the same context and manner as a human would.

Arria NLG has a unique approach towards the deployment of NLG. As there are so many markets and use cases where NLG can and will offer a huge value-addition, Arria NLG’s software design allows its customers to decide on where to implement NLG to meet their goals and challenges. The company’s “Studio” solution which can be deployed as a SaaS and on-premise solution has been designed for users within an organization to write and deploy their own narratives. Studio is supported by their SDK and also with the Microservices available on their NLG marketplace store. Arria also has a professional services division to help clients with their implementation.

The Foundation of Arria NLG

Arria NLG was set up to enable the use of NLG and was inspired by the history of the founders of the University of Aberdeen and their dedication to language. Arria’s mission is to democratize NLG technology making it easily available to everyone, everywhere. Arria’s journey dates back to 1495 when the University of Aberdeen was founded with a focus on language and the pursuit of truth in the service of others. Bishop Elphinstone believed in the Power of Language as we do today. His beliefs are what led to the creation of Natural Language Generation technology.

It was not until 2009 that the University identified the global potential of the breakthrough of their NLG software technologies and finally in 2013 commercialized the technology as we know it today, Arria NLG. The company brings the power of language to data, big data technology,and AI. At Arria, they are not just building a global commercial enterprise, but a scientific legacy.

About the Team

Stuart Petersen is the Chief Strategy Officer at Arria. The company is led by Co-Founder, Chair and CEO, Sharon Daniels as well as two leading experts in NLG technology, Chief Scientists and co-founders, Dr. Ehud Reiter and Dr. Yaji Sripada. Sharon has decades of experience in developing and implementing technology within global enterprises. Her background in business strategy, technology, and how to implement new transformative technical capabilities within complex commercial settings allows Arria NLG to meet and exceed its growth targets. Sharon is recognized globally as an industry leader. Notably, Sharon was also co-founder of Diligent Corporation which was acquired in May 2016 for US$624 million

Strong Leadership Position with Global Recognition

Arria’s patent portfolio protects its proprietary articulative analytic techniques and NLG Technologies. With these 13 core NLG patents (and many more pending), Arria maintains its commanding position in the NLG marketplace. This patent achievement allows Arria to maintain sole ownership of its core differentiators with the strength and scalability of pure computational linguistics. In addition, the technology suite ensures everyone has an NLG solution to fit their specific skill sets and needs (STUDIO, SDK and Microservices).

In 2017, Arria won the Best Innovation in NLP category at the Alconics awards, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business, which were announced at the AI Summit in London.

Also, in 2017, one of Arria’s customers, Urbs media in conjunction with the Press Association, received a 706k EURO grant from Google to fund its local news automation service (which is powered by Arria’s STUDIO technology). This is one of the largest grant allocated from Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) to date, which is focused on stimulating and supporting innovation in digital journalism across Europe.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Arria NLG offers a unique approach of providing solutions and services that directly give a user the power to cleanly and consistently capture and deploy human expertise and insight directly from the heart of the data, all in real-time. The company believes that the technology will really push big data even further into the mainstream.

By allowing their clients themselves to define, build and deploy narratives that have immense value and meaning to their businesses, NLG allows them to grow their business in ways that they had not previously thought was possible. For example, consider an analyst at a bank who has to manually sift through output and input data to find unique insights and trends that allows them to write a detailed commentary to complement charts and data tables. This is immensely time-consuming. Imagine now that the commentary can be produced as soon as the data is available and all the analyst needs to do is to sign-off on the commentary, thereby saving a huge amount of time so that analyst can then concentrate on value-addition tasks.

Arria NLG does not know all the use cases where NLG can be deployed because when we look at everyday life, we can see so many areas and use cases where NLG can be deployed for the immense benefit to both people and business.

Challenges Executed by Arria NLG

Arria NLG’s story has been the traditional technology company in a technology paradigm that has been in its infancy, irrespective of how good that technology is and is now moving into the core adoption phase. Even though NLG has been around for some time now, the growth of big data and NLP (Natural Language Processing) has been the enabler for NLG to become embraced by businesses at scale. Arria feels that we are now at that adoption and growth phase of NLG.

NLG is an area where there are so many potential use cases within different industries such that a company can get lost in trying to meet all the requests coming in from these areas. Successful companies analyze, focus and execute on where there is the coalescence of repeatable opportunities with a large potential market audience and the application being able to meet those needs. At Arria, the company has striven to focus on where they believe the best markets and use cases are and stay focused on them.

Insights into the Future

The company foresee a huge adoption of NLG across many markets and use cases and the ones that we had not even thought were possible. NLG is being co-mingled with NLP to drive what is now being called “Augmented Analytics”. As Arria is providing “Studio” solution to their clients so that they have the ability themselves to build NLG into the core fabric of their business, the company truly believes that we have only started to scratch the importance of NLG and Arria is perfectly positioned to become the pervasive solution to one of the most pervasive technologies for many years to come.