Apollo Hospitals Launch AI-Enabled “ProHealth” Programme for Personalized Healthcare Services

by September 22, 2019

The renowned medical chain Apollo Hospitals has launched a preventive healthcare program with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology which offers healthcare management via its 370 centers across the country including clinics and hospitals.

Senior officials of the company confirmed that Apollo Hospitals is expected to gradually expand this business in a tie-up with several other nursing homes and hospitals across the country. The program is designed for three years. It would offer health check-ups, directions and health mentoring, based on the test results and free consultations to the customers to prevent healthcare issues proactively deploying an app and wearables.

Apollo hospitals will be charging Rs 6,000 in the first year, Rs 5,000 in second and Rs 4,000 in the third year for its AI-fuelled service.

The chairman of Apollo Hospitals, Prathap C Reddy stated that the company would be seeking to expand the offer through nursing homes and other hospitals across the country at a wide scale.

Apollo Hospitals has collaborated with UK-based DXC Technology in order to work on the artificial intelligence-based data of 20 million health checks conducted by the company.

While commenting on the economic slowdown, Reddy further stated that while there is a jerk in the GDP when it comes to economic growth, Indian citizen are strong from within and the determinant leader will help the country to grow better.

Dr. Reddy also said, “We all are focussed on cure not care. I want people to focus on the CARE in HealthCare. Treating diseases is not the only way to health. If we Care for our health we will not need to cure anything ever. The world is facing a tsunami of NCDs (Non-communicable diseases), that is threatening even our young generations. Apollo ProHealth is an innovative giant step towards changing the way we treat our health. A true healer heals before there is need to heal.”

Adding to this Ms. Preetha Reddy who is Vice-Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Group stated, “Non-communicable diseases pose the greatest healthcare challenge. The WHO has emphasized that chronic lifestyle ailments are best managed via preventive measures. Preventive healthcare in the form of personalized and health management programs can play a vital role in detecting diseases in their early stages. Apollo ProHealth is designed on the three principles of Predict, Prevent and Overcome to ensure tangible, measurable changes in the lives of people.”

Dr. Prathap Reddy also revealed that Apollo Hospitals will work with the government on its health care programs. These programs will offer services to the people of the nation.