Top 10 NFT Analytics Tools Investors Should Use in 2022

Top 10 NFT Analytics Tools Investors Should Use in 2022

NFT analytics tools turn out to be NFT enthusiasts' best friends. This is for the sole reason that the main job of such an NFT enthusiast revolves around understanding how the market performs on a day-to-day basis. This is one of the key players in the decision-making process. With NFT analytics tools in place, one remains updated on auctions, project launches, and market insights. Making it simple for you, we have come up with a list of the top 10 NFT analytics tools investors should use in 2022.


Nansen is that analytics platform where you do not just get insights into the activity but also the direction of the market. In addition to the general market analysis, Nansen also ranks NFT rarity across multiple collections, thus making it even better. Yet another advantage of the same is that it helps collectors decide which NFT to watch out for.

Icy Tools

Simply put, Icy Tools is a robust platform that is widely known for the discovery and analysis of data on the hottest NFTs out there in the marketplace. Certain features of this analytics tool that cannot go unnoticed include the fastest data analytics interfaces, reporting real-time changes in floor price, sales, and volume data.


This NFT analytics platform is widely known for analysis and support for multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon Gnosis Chain, etc. It also boasts of key metric analysis for decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, etc. Some other remarkable features include smart contract data support and instant data visualization.

Dune allows you to customize the dashboard with data from blockchains you use and transform data into beautiful graphs.

Rainbow wallet

An interesting point to note about this platform is that it works double-time as your NFT portfolio tracker. This analytics tool is definitely the one to rely on as far as collectors and traders who mint NFTs are concerned.


This free NFT analysis tool has its major focus on delivering actionable data about sales and whale activity in the NFT marketplace. Wondering what is Uniq's prime resource? Well, data it is! With this data, collectors can invest in best-selling projects.


BitDegree has gained wide recognition as the world's first educational platform hosted on blockchain technology. BitDegree allows students to enroll in online courses and apply for scholarships based on the blockchain. Well, that means the incentives are in the form of cryptocurrency. How interesting is that


Now, this is an all-around NFT tracker, analysis, and sniping tool that you definitely cannot miss out on. NFSea boasts of features such as a strong suit of functions that would help NFT enthusiasts support profitable projects. This analytic tool also keeps a close watch for price drops.


Now, this is a game changer as far as NFT collection and trading are concerned. Ninjalerts is an analytics tool that sends real-time notifications to users on the latest NFT drops, minting deals and ongoing auctions. Can it get any better than this?


This has to be your go-to platform as this is an established data aggregator for all things NFT. What is worth a mention is the fact that CryptoSlam provides NFT collectors and traders transparent information on the activity of the market.


This is yet another wonderful analytics tool that is aimed at transforming NFT enthusiasts into NFT experts with wiser decisions and profitable investments.  Thus, it is important to invest in successful project launches and anticipate the arrival of more valuable collections.

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