Analytics Insight Recognizes ‘Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2019’

November 26, 2019

Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2019

Analytics Insight Magazine, a brand of Stravium Intelligence has named “Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2019”.

The publication recognizes Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies leveraging their efficiency to reduce human efforts and introducing innovation across various sectors. The enlisted companies are flourishing across many businesses with varied deployment while showcasing how their technology provides new business opportunities to companies and individuals. Here are the companies who made it to the list: link

Artificial Intelligence and its subsets including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and others are undoubtedly driving new-wave of innovation across different business operations in current times. With a consistent increase in employee count, the companies are creating effective employment and job opportunities in various parts of the world.

The enlisted companies are influencing the ravishing trends across major industries while empowering the skills of face recognition, autonomous technology, business acceleration, among certain others. Among all the 100 companies nearly 21% of companies are using image/facial recognition along with computer vision technology, while around 9% of them employ autonomous vehicle driving technology.

Where almost every country around the globe is betting big on AI while driving futuristic opportunities for the next-gen workforce, the report reveals that 84% of the AI companies are situated in North America, 9% of companies are situated in European region, 4% of companies are situated in Asia-Pacific and only 3% are located in Middle-East and Africa (MEA).

Additionally, every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities, be it for question answering systems or legal assistance, patent searches or risk notification. Some of the significant sectors incorporating artificial intelligence are – healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, and significant others.

As it stands now, the technology has been breaking records and catering to new industries and sectors with skyrocketing adoption rates. As of 2019, Enterprise AI has the highest number of companies (26%) working with AI whereas automotive sector is second in the lead with 16% of companies employing this technology. Hitting the lowest adoption rate among all, only 2% of the AI companies belong to the Semiconductor sector.

With remarkable traits, the AI companies are subject to heavy funding and investments to establish their product abundance in the market. More and more hefty investments and monetary circulation can be noticed today at the emerging frontier of artificial intelligence. However, among the enlisted 100 companies, only 4% of them receive funding in billions of dollars accounting for some great work in the field of AI research, development, and advancements. Moreover, the third quarter of 2019 witnessed a record of US$13.5 billion invested in AI start-ups in the US alone.

Eventually, tools and solutions deployed, the sector in which they operate, quantity and quality of workforce they shelter and their ever-expanding boundaries are some key factors that determine the progress and prosperity of AI-empowered companies. While thriving along with their respective innovations, the enlisted companies transforming the market which undoubtedly influences the industry verticals and fortifies the frontier of technological advancements.

The future roadmap of the tech-savvy world majorly relies on the revolutionized offerings of such companies that drive the league of digital transformation across various industries. Such prevailing advents of AI-power companies and their innovative offerings have obliged us to present with the research recognizing the Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies of 2019 who are ready to hustle with eminence in the coming years.

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