Top 10 Cybersecurity Podcasts for Industry Insights and Analysis

Top 10 Cybersecurity Podcasts for Industry Insights and Analysis


The importance of cybersecurity over the web is evolving. Cybersecurity is any technique, precaution, or approach that stops or lessens the effects of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity seeks to defend against computer viruses, complex and expensive ransomware attacks, and other threats to people's and organizations' systems, apps, computing devices, sensitive data, and financial assets.

Here are the top 10 cybersecurity podcasts for analysis that can help you draw industry insights and provide an analysis of cybersecurity. These podcasts are all hosted by seasoned journalists covering cybersecurity and feature notable and knowledgeable guests. 

1. Smashing Security

The Smashing Security podcast is an award-winning cybersecurity podcast and one of the top 10 cybersecurity podcasts that is well-known for its coverage of a variety of issues including cybercrime, hacking, online privacy, and internet risks. It is hosted by industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault. Cluley and Theriault, along with special guests from the cybersecurity community, participate in heated debates and conversations while sharing their experiences and ideas in a lighthearted and amusing manner.

Other personalities that have been featured on the show are among others, Russian human rights campaigner and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, Finnish Mikko Hyppönen and Maria Varmazis who are renowned cybersecurity experts.

In general, Smashing Security has been something of a cult hit among podcast listeners given how it spans across sectors and discusses trends such as cybersecurity threats, data leaks and internet privacy.

The podcast is one of the top 10 cybersecurity podcasts and is considered both the Most Entertaining Cybersecurity Podcast of the Years 2022 and 2023, and the Best Cybersecurity Podcast according to the Security Blogger Awards of 2018 and 2019. 

2. Risky business

Patrick Gray is the host of the weekly information security news and current affairs show Risky Business featuring the latest in cyber security, interviews with security professionals, and hacker scandals.

Risky Business is an excellent source of picking up the latest on the cybersecurity industry due to its comprehensive daily round-up of cybersecurity news and skillful examinations and demystification of major security incidents, as well as interviews with experts in the sphere.

Among the most notable interviews, are the 2016 DNC leaks, the story of a man who survived ISIS in Syria, and the successful termination of the North Korean nuclear program. While most of the hackers went unidentified and undeterred, Gray and his team were among the first to publicly announce that the breach was state-sponsored, specifically Russian. 

3. Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider hosts Darknet Diaries, which means contextualizing the show, and interviewing hackers, cybercriminals, security researchers, and police enforcement. It covers material that is relevant to various areas, such as hacking, cybersecurity incidents, and the black markets. 

Some of the memorable episodes are episode 42, which gives an insight into how social engineering and hacking was done by Dave Kennedy in the early days of MUDs, an online virtual community, and episode 98 which features Nicole Perlroth, a cybersecurity reporter from The New York Times who talks about the hidden world of zero-day exploit brokers.

Darknet Diaries is interesting and thrilling to anyone who remains concerned about cybercrime and virtual subculture because Jack Rhysider is an exceptional narrator who remains part of the hacker culture.

4. Malicious Life

Cybereason's podcast, The Malicious Life, explores the unseen tales and insider perspectives of significant cybersecurity events, breaches, and incidents throughout history. Ran Levi interviews business insiders, security specialists, and hackers to express their opinions and firsthand knowledge. The episodes feature an assortment of topics, from the more high-profile hacks such as the $10 million Citibank hack and the Mariposa botnet, instances of malware such as GAN and Triton deepfakes, and much broader cybersecurity concerns such as the Huawei ban and cyber insurance.

5. CISO Series

Weekly, cybersecurity journalist David Spark and veteran CISOs Mike Johnson and Andy Ellis bring the CISO Series podcast to you, discussing vendor and security professional conversations, advice, and arguments on working together to make us all more secure.CISOs and security chiefs from companies including Equifax, Zions Bancorporation, World Kinect Corporation, and Code42 have been honored guests.

One of the more notable recent episodes is "Can't Talk, I'm Onboarding My Kids to Their First Soccer Practice," in which Nextdoor's CISO, TC Niedzialkowski, talks about how personal and professional devices interact and how to protect corporate data on personal devices. Thom Langford, CISO of Velonetic, is a guest on another interesting episode, "We'll Invest in Resilience as Soon as the Ransom Payment Clears," where he discusses why businesses frequently give in to ransomware demands even when they have promised not to.

6. The Security Podcasts

Philip Ingram is the CEO of Grey Hare Media; Ian Thornton-Trump is the CISO at Cyjax. Lisa Forte is a partner at Red Goat Security. Together they host Security Podcasts by Security Magazine where they dissect geopolitical and cyber security problems with the cream of the industry. They do so by discussing a plethora of business, terrorism, cyber threats, security, defense, intelligence, and geopolitical events.

They have spoken on a host of interesting topics, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the geopolitics of the space sector, the impact of cryptos, and social media misinformation and manipulation on election outcomes. The latest one, though, deserves a special mention for the topic it delves into- "The Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Discussion" episode 22. Here, the hosts discuss the complexities of the modern space race, looking deeply into its effect on geopolitics and international security and delving into the opportunities and issues that are coming thick and fast in this rapidly changing field. 

7. Down the Security Rabbit Hole (DtSR)

Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast (DtSR) is a weekly cybersecurity podcast with your hosts, Rafal Los and James Jardine. It has, rather finally, become a very solid source of regularly presented, in-depth news, debates, and information within the cybersecurity arena. The podcast is here to entertain and educate listeners on the various aspects of cybersecurity with discussion, analysis, and interviews on current events, new threats, and industry trends.

Featured episodes include episode 577, which debunks myths surrounding the indictment in the SEC v. SolarWinds and Brown case, and episode 575, which provides tips from Turnkey Consulting's Andrew Morris and Tom Venables on managing an overwhelming number of security tools.

8.CyberWire Daily 

The CyberWire Daily Podcast is hosted by Dave Bittner and features daily news and analysis of the latest developments, threats, and information in the cybersecurity space." Operation Endgame" an episode well worth watching, covered the disruption of major malware operations, the Ticketmaster data breach, and an apparent leak of the Google search algorithm.

Other notable speakers included Carrie Hernandez Marshall, the CEO of Rebel Space Technologies, discussing the necessity to take cybersecurity practices into the space domain, and Eric Goldstein, executive assistant director for cybersecurity at CISA, discussing the software security posture and the importance of closing vulnerabilities.

9. Security Now

Technology blogger Leo Laporte and internet security guru Steve Gibson are the hosts of the popular podcast Security Now. It delves deeply into the most current threats, vulnerabilities, and privacy issues associated with digital media. Each Tuesday the show is streamed live and discusses all sorts of issues on subjects such as malware, data breaches, encryption, authentication, and software and hardware vulnerabilities.

One of its best episodes, episode 973, raises red flags on possible vulnerabilities in all VPN systems and focuses on concerns about digital security that have increased with the vulnerability of GPS systems. It also discusses how multi-user passkeys are used and maintained and how YubiKeys are emerging as a vital topic.

10. Paul’s Security Weekly

Paul Asadoorian is the host of the famous podcast of cybersecurity, Paul's Security Weekly. This widely acclaimed podcast brings a lot of topics relevant to cyber threats, hacking, and information security; talks on the latest news of security and trends; technical segments on some security ideas; and interviews with the big guys in the security world.

Featured speakers on the agenda included Winn Schwartau, discussing the evolution of cyber threats and why new security must be thought of differently; Jeremiah Grossman, bringing his expertise on web security and managing risks; and Joshua Corman, giving practical strategies and advice on addressing the challenges the industry is currently confronting. Key sessions included a keynote address by Mikko Hyppönen on the evolution of ransomware and the potential impact AI can have on this in the future, as well as supply chain security with James McMurry and a PCI 4.0 discussion.


These are the top 10 cybersecurity podcasts for analysis which are available that cover a wide range of topics and provide industry insights and analysis. These podcasts are hosted by experienced journalists and feature knowledgeable guests, making them a valuable resource for anyone interested in cybersecurity.


1. What are the aspects that are mainly discussed in cybersecurity podcasts?

Cybersecurity podcasts predominantly address trends in cybersecurity, threats, and incidents, as well as experts’ opinions on what is currently happening in the cyber sphere and what is currently a trending hot topic of discussion regarding system and data protection.

2. Which of the colorful characters of some cybersecurity podcasts may be named the best host?

Some of the popular hosts are Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault who hosted the podcast known as "Smashing Security. ", Patrick Gray of ‘Risky Business,’ Jack Rhysider of ‘Darknet Diaries,’ and Dave Bittner of ‘CyberWire Daily’. These are useful hosts in the cybersecurity industry due to the amount of experience and knowledge that they bring with their shows.

3. Who are some of the usual customers in cybersecurity podcasts?

The guests that feature on cybersecurity podcasts are for the most part such as security researchers, chiefs of Information Security officers, hackers, and journalists with a blend of cybersecurity professionals. It signifies their professional views, thus sharing experience in the handling of incidences of cybersecurity and educating organizations on the risk factors and the handling of such situations.

4. In what way can the activities of listening to cybersecurity podcasts help professionals?

Subscribing to cybersecurity podcasts is useful as the expert gets to learn the current trends in the usage of tools in the cybersecurity industry. Other benefits are offered through training sessions, where people get to learn something new and in the process get informed of the existing threats that are being addressed as they develop, thus being informed of how other companies handle their security issues.

5. Can one already start from the understanding of cybersecurity podcasts?

Yes, many podcasts on cybersecurity are also good for newbies, in other words, it is stated that cybersecurity podcasts do not explain necessary knowledge but only outline a knowledge base. For instance, “Darknet Diaries” and “Smashing Security” have stories and for someone vying to get into the game, it is suggested to start here.

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