Top 10 AI-Based Altcoins To Invest in 2024

Top 10 AI-Based Altcoins To Invest in 2024

Decoding the Future: Top 10 AI-Based Altcoins to Invest in the Year 2024

The world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve rapidly, with artificial intelligence playing a pivotal role in shaping the landscape. As we venture into 2024, investors are keen on identifying promising altcoins that leverage AI technology. In this article, we will explore the top 10 AI-based altcoins that have the potential to make a significant impact in the crypto market this year.

SingularityNET (AGI):

SingularityNET is a decentralized AI marketplace that connects users, developers, and AI services. With a focus on creating a collaborative ecosystem, SingularityNET enables the development and deployment of AI solutions across various industries. (FET): aims to create a decentralized digital world where autonomous software agents collaborate, share information, and execute tasks. With a strong emphasis on machine learning and AI, has applications in areas such as supply chain management and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN):

Ocean Protocol focuses on unlocking data for AI usage. By providing a decentralized data exchange, it enables individuals and businesses to share and monetize data securely. This altcoin is positioned at the intersection of AI and data marketplaces.

Numerai (NMR):

Numerai combines AI and crowdsourced quantitative trading strategies. It operates as a hedge fund that uses data science competitions to improve its trading algorithms. Numerai token (NMR) rewards contributors for their algorithmic contributions.

Cortex (CTXC):

Cortex is a decentralized AI platform that allows users to submit and integrate AI models on the blockchain. It aims to democratize AI by providing a platform for developers to monetize their AI models and for users to access a wide range of AI solutions.

Synthetix (SNX):

While primarily a synthetic asset issuance platform, Synthetix incorporates AI to optimize its decentralized finance protocols. This altcoin is known for its innovative approach to creating and trading synthetic assets on the blockchain.

DeepBrain Chain (DBC):

DeepBrain Chain focuses on providing a decentralized AI computing platform. It allows users to rent computing power for AI training and inference, making AI more accessible and cost-effective.


GNY is a decentralized machine-learning platform that enables developers to create and deploy machine-learning models on the blockchain. It is designed to simplify the integration of AI into various applications.

BotOcean (BOTS):

BotOcean is a decentralized AI marketplace that allows users to create, share, and monetize AI bots. It facilitates the creation of automated solutions for various tasks, contributing to the growth of AI-powered automation.

Neural Protocol (NRP):

Neural Protocol focuses on creating a decentralized infrastructure for AI development. It provides a platform for developers to collaborate on AI projects, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing in the AI community.


As the integration of AI and blockchain technology continues to advance, these AI-based altcoins stand out as promising investments in 2024. However, investors must conduct thorough research and stay updated on market trends before making any investment decisions. The dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market requires vigilance and adaptability to navigate successfully in this evolving landscape.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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