All You Need to Know About Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

by February 3, 2018

It has long been discussed that how data analytics is capturing the market by providing solutions for every industry. It is the perk of this greater gamut that it has become inevitable to have analytics solutions for your business. Healthcare is one such industry where most of the healthcare centers are focusing on data warehousing and clinical data repositories for predictive analysis. Not only is data analytics coming up with the latest technologies to be leveraged by medical practitioners but it is also helping in taking right medical decisions regarding the treatment of the patients.


Why Data Analytics?

Data analytics solutions have extracted the hidden insights in the field of healthcare. But as the technology changes so must the solutions. Because of this, it takes years for the complete implementation of the solutions. There has to be a lot of data that requires assimilation and compilation for the solution provider to build the solution system that suits the best.

Healthcare organizations are opting for the data technologies with full force. And, this has not only enhanced the working but also bridged the gap between the patient, hospital and the researchers. It is comparatively easier now to ensure the appropriate care and maintain efficiency.


How Does It Help?

Digitization in the healthcare industry is allowing the organizations to cater to the needs of the patients judiciously and with more attention. There can be significant benefits on the way to realize like patient-centric treatment and medication, detection of diseases earlier than before, patient satisfaction guaranteed, reducing cost in healthcare management and for the patient.

There is a huge amount of data in the healthcare industry relating to patient details, disease types, legal paperwork and compliance documents. This treasure builds upon the base for descriptive and predictive analysis. Owing to which the solution provider creates the clinical data thus required.


How to Decide on a Particular Provider?

At times it can be irksome to decide upon which solution provider to choose from since the market is booming with millions of them. It is extremely dominating to not forget to match the personal needs to the functionalities provided by the provider. It is advisable to choose the vendor that encompasses a variety of aspects as in the greatly transforming industry. If at all in future the needs diverge from the aforementioned then it will be less complex to shift the deals. Choose a vendor that is ready to customize as per the changing needs.


Some Suggested Providers

It will also run in your favor as a healthcare organization to choose such a solution provider that has already worked in the field of Big Data like IBM. Along with the strengths, the weakness also is served on the same platter. Such big providers might be less susceptible to customization or may not have worked earlier in the healthcare industry and this can put you in hot water. Nevertheless, the trust factor will make you survive. In all these circumstances, the best shot will be to choose a vendor which is into designing data solutions specific to the healthcare industry. For example, Amitech, Greenway Health, Health Catalyst, and Indegene. Closely integrated solutions by the aforementioned providers rule out any possibility of failure.

Oracle is becoming one of the leading solution providers in healthcare solutions. It works in the field of patient satisfaction and hospital efficiency. Similarly, OptumHealth is another leading vendor in the global healthcare data analytics market. It is into health management systems, decision support systems and physical health programs.


How does Healthcare and Data Analytics Go Hand in Hand?

Analytics is driving the healthcare industry towards an upgrade and upliftment. The customer satisfaction is the priority with the minimal chaos in the management on this side. Sensor-driven data has led to various steps being taken like coaching for elderly people including real-time feedback. Patient care analytics solutions are yet another boom. The market is offering several options to choose from to select the appropriate healthcare data analytics solution provider. It is a boon to have a variety of choices but at the same time it does makes our task as the customers of these services are a little complex.