AlgoFace: Transforming Consumer Experience at the Convergence of Computer Vision, AI and AR

Amjad Hussain

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the foundation of disruptive innovation today. AI powers a wide range of applications. It can execute facial recognition with the use of computer vision, understand human gestures and react accordingly. A company which integrates AI, computer vision and augmented reality (AR) to revolutionize consumer shopping experience is AlgoFace.

AlgoFace is being incubated as part of the Algomus, Inc. family of companies that has built AlgoTM – a cognitive platform for human and machine collaboration around data. The company’s mission is to empower its enterprise customers which are retailers, manufacturers, and distributors with cutting edge AI, AR and automation applications that set their business apart from the competition and create immersive and personalized customer experiences.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality combined with the human face, together as AI revolution is changing the way consumers interact, shop, and play.

AlgoFace has developed a unique technology that maps, tracks, and analyzes the human face to accurately integrate immersive AR user experiences across platforms.

The company is making this technology available via SDK for all web and mobile platforms.


Accelerating Cutting Edge Disruption

Designed by MIT trained scientists and engineers, is a full stack software platform that connects artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and workflow automation in a unique way for retailers and their suppliers.

AlgoFace augmented reality and AI engine provides real-time continuous in-browser augmented reality experience for retailers and their customers for both mobile and web browsers. AlgoFace’s unique technology puts no pressure on the front-end browser and runs solely in a server environment and yet it has been engineered and optimized to deliver a real-time continuous augmented reality in-browser experience for its users enabling many uses cases including smart mirrors, virtual make-up tries on and many others.


Instrumental Leadership

Amjad Hussain is an entrepreneur at heart. He co-founded where he is the CEO during the day and AI building blocks designer at night. He has built a passionate team of domain experts, AI architects, scientists and software engineers with deep industry knowledge of manufacturing, distribution and retail. Amjad and his team has built Algo, an always-on full stack enterprise-class AI platform with deep learning, augmented reality and workflow automation at its core. Algo has a conversational business analyst work bot as its main user interface. Algo is rapidly growing and creating tremendous net new value for its customers worldwide.

Algo is also extending his reach into augmented reality applications with AlgoFace:

AlgoFace = Artificial intelligence & Augmented Reality 4 Beauty.

The eCommerce revolution is changing the way consumers shop. Amjad believes marrying AI & AR can close the gap between physical and online stores. The company aims to help enterprise navigate this new world.

Amjad is an Honors Electrical Engineering & Computer Science graduate and a senior member of IEEE. He earned his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from UMIST, in the United Kingdom with a focus on artificial intelligence and an MBA from MIT. He is an applied researcher and practitioner in the field of natural language understanding and deep reinforcement learning. Amjad has completed flagship management programs at Harvard and Stanford. Amjad was recognized in the Crain’s ‘s ’40 under 40’ program for his pioneering work in advanced analytics.


Core Values Driving Innovation         

AlgoFace has a singular focus on its customer success and makes sure that it is at the core of everything it does and every decision it makes. AlgoFace’s customers fund its growth so they are on the top of the company’s list. AlgoFace was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as an example of a SaaS company achieving the holy grail of “negative churn”.


Pulling Through Adversities

Being based in Detroit and bootstrapped rather than taking VC cash, AlgoFace has had to work hard to recruit and retain a top-notch team of AI researchers and developers. The company focuses very much on a diverse and inclusive culture and a positive work environment to provide its employees with opportunities for growth and advancement rivaling the big competitors that can outspend company in recruiting efforts. Thankfully AlgoFace has a dynamite team and impressive Fortune 500 customers that believe in the company, which has enabled it to succeed on the scale of much larger companies in a more prominent place.


Collaborative Intelligence is the Future

Amjad believes that human and machine collaboration is the future of the world and AlgoFace can design systems that accomplish more than the sum of their parts.

“Many believe in doomsday scenarios of AI, but in truth, it is up to use to design AI systems that work FOR us as humans and help us accomplish the goals of a better future for every human on earth.

AI will create untold opportunities we have yet to imagine, just as every past industrial revolution has changed the way we work and play”, he added.

AlgoFace doesn’t believe in AGI in the coming years, but rather smartly designed narrow AI that can help free people from the tedious monotony of “work” and let them be more creative and strategic in their thinking.


The Path Head

Amjad asserts things are certainly moving fast in this technology space so the company will continue to focus its efforts on R&D, improving its technology to remain competitive while it also develops its unique in the market hyper-personalized total beauty concierge assistant using AR and sophisticated AI-based recommender systems. AlgoFace will continue to move fast in development while keeping in mind its #1 priority which is the company’s customer success.