AIwozo: Powering the Next Generation Businesses with Disruptive AI and RPA Solutions

AIwozo: Powering the Next Generation Businesses with Disruptive AI and RPA Solutions

by September 16, 2020

Robotic Process Automation

Quale Infotech started with a vision to be a customer-oriented digital services firm. The company has adhered to that vision and strived to be the partner of choice for its customers. Quale Infotech is a leading end-to-end IT consulting and implementation company with a laser sharp focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Quale has been successfully helping companies scale their automation footprint with the help of its Intelligent Automation product, AIwozoAIwozo tightly couples traditional RPA capabilities and AI technologies to achieve a higher degree of process automation. 


Intelligent Automation for the Enterprise 

AIwozo is an Intelligent Process Automation platform designed & developed by RPA experts. With inbuilt AI and deep learning capabilities, AIwozo achieves a higher degree of automation with minimal or no technical support. The company has recently launched the AIwozo Enterprise Cloud edition, which has three key components:

1. The AIwozo Studio is a powerful tool that helps to develop bots within a short period due to its drag-and-drop capability, pre-built activities, and cognitive abilities using AI/ML.

2. AIwozoWorkzone acts as a centralized control mechanism for all the components in the platform. It provides reporting and monitoring capabilities, and an interface for managing all aspects of the bots.  

3. TheAIwozo Bot is a software which is installed on the target system to execute the automation workflow.

Furthermore, Quale has launched an online academy. It is a free certification that facilitates the enhancement of RPA skills, increases efficiency in creating software robots, and develops a deeper understanding of deploying intelligent automation processes. The goal is to grow the academy and make it accessible not just within the RPA & AI community, but also to offer various basic to advanced level technical courses. Additionally, the company has also developed the AIwozo Forum, which aims to bring together & grow the community to share their reviews and experiences not just around the AIwozo platform but also about RPA, AI, and digital transformation general. 


Embracing a Digital Strategy 

Moving towards Digital as a strategy is integral for a company to be successful. The company’s mission is to enhance organizations’ digital experience, whether it is their customer’s experience, or employees, or the way they operate. AIwozo wants to help organizations understand and adapt to Digital needs and AI as a part of organizations, and virtualize the workforce to enable a larger throughput by the human workforce. Quale Infotech has, and will always, operate from the premise of being a new-age and revolutionary organization.  


Intelligent Contributions to AI Technology 

The company believes that AI is the future and will change the way how traditional firms operate. It is leading this change with its AIwozo platform which is a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI technologies. AIwozo is helping organizations reach a higher degree of process automation, as its AI technologies can achieve things that were not feasible with just pure-play RPA. The ease of use of the platform also helps companies adopt to new technologies quickly and with minimal or no technical support.

Quale Infotech’s digital consulting practice helps do a dipstick assessment for organizations on where they are in being a digital company. From here, it creates a roadmap for organizations to move towards adopting digital and support in the technical implementation of the same. Using Automation, AI, and experience as key levers, Quale supports its customers in genuinely becoming a digital organization. A key differentiator from its competitors has been its ability to have a techno-functional perspective towards problems rather than just being a technology partner. 


Documenting Success Stories 

One of Quale Infotech’s client is a leading retail company, with Invoice Processing as a key problem due to hundreds of formats of the invoices it receives. The variability of the formats makes this task tedious and repetitive. The company uses data extraction to retrieve data from the invoices. This digital data is then used to train the AI model and accuracy keeps improving over time. Once extracted data is verified, it is then handed over to an RPA bot for entering into their ERP software and processing of the invoice. With automation, the company achieved 99.5% accuracy in Invoice Processing and 78% Straight Through Processing. 


The Role of AI in Digital Transformation 

Siddhartha believes AI is still in its early stages of adoption. However, it is not surprising that businesses are increasingly relying on it to deliver value and optimize the way they conduct business. AI and its various subsets, applications & domains (ML, NLP, deep learning, etc.) are responsible for almost every giant innovation happening now. Various industries are adopting AI and digital technologies to increase their ROI and maintain a competitive edge. Whether it’s the new generation chipsets that utilize the Neural Network processing capabilities, or virtual assistants (Alexa, Siri, etc.) and chatbots that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to match users’ voice or text inputs to execute commands. The banking sector adopted digital modernization at an early stage, utilizing it to optimize and speed up various processes like customer onboarding (KYC), fraud detection, loan processing, etc. The e-commerce industry is blending automation & AI in invoice processing, customer service, and inventory monitoring,” he adds.

The Key to Innovation 

Innovation is in Quale Infotech’s DNA, and it’s its way of doing everything in the organization. The company’s culture encourages asking questions about everything it does, and how it can do it better. Setting this culture from the initial days helps the company to keep innovation at the forefront for itself and its customers. This culture has led to build its Intelligent Automation platform, AIwozoQuale did not set out to purely replicate what others did, but rather the motive was to solve customer issues and address the market’s need. In addition to this, the company does not believe in keeping what is created in a box and not sharing with the world; the mantra is “Innovation at the right price.” That way, it can have the technology available for everyone to use and not limit it to a particular set of customers. The company is always ready to experiment with new things with its customers, more often at its own cost, to see if the technology would work in the customer scenario. This approach of being ever ready to try out new things helps Quale to innovate and allows its customers to try new technologies. 


Accolades for Recognitions 

Quale Infotech is recognized with some significant recognitions and accolades for its organizational culture, leadership, and innovations in developing Intelligent Automation solutions for its clients. 

Analytics Insights recently recognized Quale Infotech as “The 10 Most Innovative Intelligent Automation Companies of 2020”. Business Connect also recognized Quale as “The Best Company to Work For in 2019-20” for its culture of innovation, trust, and quality standards. The company was also recognized as the “30 Best Indian Founded Companies 2019” from The Silicon Review. The founder & CEO, Siddhartha Singh, was announced as the “Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2019” by The Economic Times; and was also named the “50 Best Entrepreneurs 2019” by the CEO Insights. 


Towards an Automated Future 

Quale Infotech believes things that were unimaginable in the past can now be witnessed by innovations being brought about by digital technologies like AI, RPA, and NLP. forecasts the global big data market to grow to US$103 billion by 2027, approximately more than double its market size in 2018.

Some of the future AI and Robotics technologies will further enable healthcare professionals to provide patients with more accurate clinical diagnostics, e.g. reading radiology images and treatment plans, and even communicating with patients. AI will be adopted globally as innovative technologies like self-driving cars, voice-based commands, and smart homes that will learn and adapt to enhance our lifestyle & comfort. 

Quale’s strategy on being a customer-centric and innovation-based organization has worked. The company wants to stick to these fundamentals and keep working on providing value for its customers. Quale is looking at focusing on growth in the coming years. The last two years were focused on building a base and healthy practices within. Its intent now is to look at hyper-growth in the next couple of years. Expansion into new geographies and segments will be the primary strategy for achieving this growth.