AIOps Paves New Ways for Better Data Center Management

by December 6, 2019

Advances in technology these days are on the rise and the evolution of AI as an operational component poses specific challenges to IT operations teams. Cutting-edge technologies like IoT, cloud computing and more are uplifting a new generation of IT applications, fueling everything from industrial automation to data-driven crisis response. However, these capabilities have led to a more complex digital ecosystem that is making it increasingly intricate to manage modern data centers effectively.

However, to help navigate this challenge, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) has come into the scenario, providing IT professionals the support what they need. AIOps brings AI and visualization solutions to address a wide array of data center challenges, allowing data center management professionals to automate administrative tasks, lessen redundant alerts and spot irregularities before they become vast issues.


What AIOps Can Do for IT Operations Teams  

AIOps wisely and effectively assists IT operations teams to monitor, oversee and manage the intricacy of all of the disparate components and various execution of the hybrid data center. It intelligently monitors, compares and prioritizes infrastructure processes for teams, so they can run smoothly, without worrying about the stresses and strains on the ecosystem.

AIOps is also practiced for capacity planning across the infrastructure to optimize the accessibility and performance of applications. By using heuristics and algorithms, it can identify and divulge glitches and the potential risks in the infrastructure. Though, integrating AIOps into the IT workflow is not an easy task. To incorporate successfully, it is significant to find out the organization’s major key requirements and construct a methodical approach based on those requirements.

Apart from this, AIOps tools are already helping IT teams in multiple scenarios, including data center management. In an OpsRamp report, 87 percent of technology professionals perceive their AIOps solutions are delivering the value they had expected. The market for AIOps platforms is also predicted to reach from US$2.6 billion in 2018 to US$11 billion by 2023, leading the transformative potentials of its tools to IT operations.


How AIOps Improving Data Center Management  

Data center management professionals tackle with a vast number of unnecessary alerts, interoperability issues, and cybersecurity threats every day. To manage their facilities effectively, AIOps helps gather and aggregate information from critical datasets including log files, monitoring tools and applications. Afterward, it assesses that data collected using advanced machine learning capabilities to detect patterns, recognize anomalies, identify potential menaces and determine the persistent issues.

Artificial intelligence for IT operations can also implement fixes to ease issues on their own or create alerts to raise data center management professionals’ awareness of high-priority issues that require a human touch. These tools even provide end-to-end visualizations of data center environments and assist IT teams to track metrics like usage, work through instinctively organized alerts and better comprehend the overall strength of their data centers.

Thus, to accomplish the efficiency over their data center management, professionals need to conceive strategically about how they deploy AIOps as it requires careful implementation and management.