How AI Will Transform the Freelance Job Market

May 27, 2019


Massive changes to the global market are underway thanks to developments in both artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the freelance market. For instance, it’s no secret that China wants to head the global development of AI. In the pursuit of this goal, the economic and industrial giant has included AI in the curriculum of its secondary school students, giving its educated youth an instant edge in understanding and implementing the new technology. While this is happening, more than 50% of the American workforce will be made up of freelancers by as early as 2027. The site also notes how 48% of freelancers believe that AI is already disrupting their work, while 65% say that freelancers are more prepared for AI than full-time workers because they’re constantly updating their skills.

You’ve likely already heard about how AI advancements will allow artificial workers to take human jobs. This is certainly true for basic jobs in warehouses, which are already utilizing automated warehouses. At the same time, some jobs have actually become easier through AI. In a feature on how AI is entering the freelance economy, Forbes discussed the benefits of smart algorithms to marketers and other freelancers pursuing cold leads or pitches. A new tool called Respondable can analyze your emails and tell you exactly how you need to communicate in order to catch the attention of potential clients. This includes simplifying the wording of emails, being positive but not overly flowery in your language, and recognizing that even slightly negative emails will be received better than ones with a completely neutral tone. As you can expect, this type of AI will be very useful for freelancers looking to network to increase their client base.

Another huge transformation will be in how more and more companies will be looking to hire freelancers with some form of new tech expertise. Advances not just in AI, but also robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and other paradigm-shifting technologies are making the world’s industries more efficient – but also increasingly reliant on new tech. This means plenty of opportunities for freelancers who can offer a high level of technical expertise. Yoss notes how companies are looking to hire the best tech freelancers from the top 1% of available talent. Freelancers offer companies a wider selection of skills compared to training current employees in the latest developments. What this shows is how freelancers are coming to dominate the tech industry, and how they will be able to work alongside AI better than in-house employees. This, in turn, will further increase the demand for freelancers with expertise in technology like AI, smart IoT devices, intelligent robotics, and big data processing.

In short, AI can be both beneficial and disastrous for the freelance market. Intelligent automation may help some jobs, and it may prove to be a bane for others. What’s definite is that it will introduce permanent changes to the workforce. The Future of Life Institute co-founder and author of Life 3.0 Max Tegmark explained it best during an interview with Science Focus: “I feel that we’re on the cusp of the most transformative technology ever and this can be the best thing ever to happen to humanity or the worst, depending on how we prepare for it.”