AI-Powered Social Media Marketing: A New Concept For Success

by April 1, 2018

Social media platforms are one of the first choices for marketing of products and services today. With the increase in social media channels and explosion of content, marketers are finding it hard to make their presence felt. Even putting more resources to take care of social media channels is not going to solve the problem. Additionally, the more people get engaged in it, the more complicated it becomes.

As a result, companies are moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) to increase their performance on social media channels. With the help of tools which are powered by AI, organizations can save both manpower and time which can be used for other vital tasks. So, here are five ways in which AI-powered tools will improve the efficiency of social media channels:


Content Creation

Content creation is the most important activity of social media marketing. However, it is time-consuming. Earlier, a company which used to runs one campaign in four months is now running four campaigns a month. By using AI-powered tools, companies can quickly generate content to get fast results and save time as well.


Content Optimization

The second part that comes in every social media marketing is content optimization. Content optimization makes sure that content is generating traffic to the website and is also getting visibility in the search engine. For this, companies nowadays are using bots to analyze the content that gets more attention and optimize it accordingly.


Consumer Data

A large amount of data and different types of algorithms makes it difficult to reach the right people at the right time. For this, AI tools are used to find the right data on the basis of customer profile by mining information about users. These tools analyze the data to follow different patterns that are helpful in creating the avatar of the ideal customer.


Influence Marketing

In today’s world, businesses are shifting towards influencers that closely match with their brand. To make it more accurate and stronger, AI tools are used. These tools go through thousands of influencers among social media channels to match the accurate DNA of businesses.


Social Media Monitoring

It is one of the most important platforms which is helpful via sales funnel and sales generation. Social media monitoring tools powered by AI are strongly built by advanced algorithms, which helps brands to know negative/neutral/positive posts/comments made by users, by mentioning their brand name.


It is the time when AI has begun in the market to make steady changes in the marketing sector of business functions. The power of ‘AI’ has now merged with the power of ‘social media,’ and the results of these are giving a huge benefit to companies. So, it’s the time to beat your competitors and ride like a top notch.