AI-Enabled VideoBot Answers COVID-19 Queries with Multilingual Voice and Text

by April 28, 2020


In the time of crisis, Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial role than ever before. From diagnosing health risks to delivering services and drug discovery to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, AI is delivering its capabilities to alleviate the crisis. As the outbreak spreads quickly and disrupts healthcare systems around the world, researchers, scientists, governments as well as tech firms are working hard around the clock. Recently, an AI-driven startup CoRover, which provides a conversational AI platform to assist businesses to give authentic information to their customers’ queries automatically and instantly, brought an AI-based doctor-video bot, AskDoc.

The bot can address queries related to the COVID-19, its transmission, and provides preventative measures. The platform supports multilingual voice and text formats, including Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, as well as French and German. AskDoc provides its users with automatic, quick responses to queries about the coronavirus, with safety measures announced by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and WHO.

To ask queries, users just need to log into the app, where they can ask through text input, voice, or video. Users can ask queries on diverse interfaces, and the chatbot backend takes the user queries and passes it through various layers of the framework. AskDoc can also be accessed on the web, which is primarily a chat-based portal to respond to basic questions. It provides auto and quick responses to the queries along with safety standards.

The app assists people in interacting with doctors around the globe for any queries related to coronavirus. Currently, the CoRover team is reportedly working to bring in an email integration, which works as a resource for information, and guides people to different government-validated platforms for answers and helplines.

Moreover, the CoRover’s conversational AI platform Ask Disha has more than 20 billion interactions and is used by over 200 million users. The platform uses AI and machine learning to connect travellers, administrative staff, and verified and curated service providers. The Bengaluru-based startup has also applied for two patents for its product.

AI-enabled chatbots have been around years, surpassing into the territory of humans, empathy and feelings. There are myriad cases where a virtual personal assistant or a chatbot could assist medical professional, health staff, patients, or their families. Health chatbots are used to address specific issues in healthcare.

During COVID-19 pandemic, chatbots are proving its worth, enabling information access via text or voice-based interaction. Many companies and organizations globally are leading the charge in implementing chatbots to provide information related to COVID-19. WHO and CDC, for instance, have also deployed chatbots on their websites to deliver up-to-date information on the spread of the epidemic and its symptoms. Additionally, several governments are also using chatbots to provide validated information to their citizens.