How AI Drives Personalised Customer Value with Marketing Automation?

by June 30, 2020

marketing automation

Marketing Automation lets businesses create personalization to the customer lifecycle journey.

Marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey from a prospective lead to a loyalist. It concentrates on a customer-centric mass appeal and that’s where an intelligent blend of AI, ML into marketing or better called as marketing automation comes into the picture. In the age of intelligent marketing, marketers are responsible not only for bringing in leads and telling stories but for guiding the customer through his/her lifecycle.

Research estimates that currently, only 40% of businesses employ marketing automation tool, in other words, 60% are still figuring out how to imbibe marketing automation and create a marketing automation strategy within their enterprise.


Intelligent Marketing Strategies

Marketing automation offers a powerful collection of intelligent suites from AI, ML, to speech to text NLP analytics components that arm the modern marketer to solve the conundrum of reaching out to customers with curated offerings. Formulating Intelligent Marketing Strategies must collate:

• Capturing Data Touchpoint

Customer data comes from a variety of touchpoints; hence marketing automation must capture these online conversions, and store data pipelines for data sharing across verticals for trend analysis.

• Turn Data into Quantified Leads

Once marketing automation experts have tracked all marketing touchpoints; enterprises need to turn this hard data into meaningful intelligence. These insights will help enterprises to build personalised lead campaigns past the goal line.

• Deploying AI for Success

Intelligent marketing is not possible without leveraging automation and AI to manage the volume of bigdata, so that’s where the role of data science technologies and professionals comes in. AI, ML, including PCA modelling combined with marketing automation can provide amazing benefits, allowing marketers to gain actionable insights to know exactly where to focus and how to build an effective marketing strategy.


Trends into Marketing Automation

• Chatbots, voice recognition, content marketing automation, etc. have now become an integral component of every successful enterprise, as they strategize to generate more and more revenues for their marketing campaign.

• Marketing automation process can automate everything, eventually freeing up valuable time for marketers to be able to think more strategically and out of the box to garner more qualified leads.

• Marketing automation delivers accurate analytics like a clearer picture of the potential customer behaviour that helps the marketing team to improvise its existing strategies.

• Marketing automation software is very helpful both for large businesses and small business houses. It brings a whole new meaning to the marketing companies, scheduled emailers, targeted marketing being some of them.


Driving Business Success with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is here to stay unleashing a potential increased focus on segmentation.

The future of marketing automation is two-way communication between data and how the business responds to it to create specific consumer profiles for personalised branding. Gone are the days of sending bulk generic newsletters, instead marketing will focus on more curated information for each customer, that will be highly targeted to drive revenues and market growth.