How are AI Chatbots Enabling Better Business Performance?

by March 31, 2018

With the digital transformation, everyone is connected to mobile phones, laptops and other electronic equipment. Nowadays, customers are friendlier to social media as compared to direct contact. Thus, enterprises have to transform their way of interacting with clients. An AI chatbot is made up of computer programs to make conversation with the human being. Chatbots are basically designed to automatically chat with clients to answer their queries or receive feedback. They are made by taking into account how a person would chat with the clients. Chatbots can be used for various purposes such as customer service, marketing, and information gathering. They reply on the basis of NLP and keyword specific chat. Thus, the main aim of developing chatbot is to reduce the human interference. In this article, we would discuss about the contribution of chatbots in real time Businesses.

Designing an AI Chatbot: The designing of an AI chatbot needs a planned approach which I am discussing below:

•  Identify where to fit the chatbot: Before building it, one must understand for what purpose I am building it. From a business point of view, work and data complexity needs to be analyzed to position the chatbot.

•  Chatbot must be customer’s query oriented: This is a very crucial step and must be focussed. Developers must keep in mind the queries of their clients or customers. Questions are based on a particular business and it must provide information related to questions.

•  Design: Developers should have a clear-cut idea whether to build dynamic machine learning based Natural Language or rule-based directed dialogue chatbot. Overall planning of money investment, platform of coding or non-coding is part of the designing. All these results in effective outcomes and business performance.

Some of the key features of chatbot are as below:

•  How Chatbot Improves Customer Experience: Nowadays, the industry has been revolutionized by intelligent systems and automated products. Every industry is shifting towards novel AI solutions. One should be aware of Artificial Intelligence and its application areas. All this is achieved by AI solutions and technologies. One of the great achievement by applying Deep Learning in AI enabled system is chatbot. These are multi-purpose bots which can be used for enormous applications like in Kiosks, Automation Processes, and AI-enabled systems. This conversational AI benefit produces hand in hand performance with the industry which leads to customer engagement and required fulfillment. Thus, it enhances customer experience and intended business engagement.

•  Natural Language Understanding Bots: One of the leading facts of AI and machine learning enabled chatbot is the ability to understand natural language i.e. human conversational speech or text. NLP equipped bots provide an interaction similar to human being so that B2C engagement is managed without the human. They can stand up with Data Scientists in data analysis to make BI accessible. NLP-based chatbots lead to a conversational workflow which is a key to productivity. Mostly these are used for customer support services round the clock.

•  Chatbots in Business Intelligence: The technique of making direct contact with customers is changing its way. Today, interaction with customers is crucial; they need to answers quickly for their queries. If it is not done your website or business will have a poor performance rate. Chatbots provide them with a real-time feel of communication by understanding their problems that is why it is gaining traction. This actionable intelligence offers organization with great opportunity for businesses. Many organizations have integrated AI chatbots in their websites for customer support.

•  Making Schedule: It is very easy, simple and cheaper to implement full functioning chatbot than to build a cross-platform app and hiring employees for that particulars app. Since chatbots are automated solutions, they permit administrations to switch many consumers at once, and instantaneously. By “hiring” chatbots that matches human agents, you will not merely save costs of employees but you will also evade the glitches produced by human errors. Sometimes it is very difficult to handle and set up meetings. For the proper arrangement, you have to work a lot. But now you can assign this task to the chatbot. With so many schedules to juggle, setting up meetings can be a pain unless you let a chatbot do the work for you.

Conclusion: Chatbot can provide a convenient platform for users to make queries. It will not be wrong if we consider it a rich tool for customer engagement. Moreover, it can perform repetitive office tasks easily as a help desk. They perform the tasks effectively in less time with the only need to choose the right bot builder AI platform. As every coin has two sides; there are some other factors which one should consider regarding AI chatbot. Since it is an Artificial Intelligent System, the model needs to be trained with a large volume of data. For this, GPUs are required which increases the cost. So, making a chatbot is expensive but with right technology and resources, it can produce quality results.