Ahrefs vs. Ubersuggest: Which SEO Tool Is Better for Beginners?

August 22, 2020

Beginning marketing professionals are consistently searching the market for the best SEO keyword research tools. Strategic keyword research is a critical foundation for any successful marketing campaign. Powerful research tools are a basic component to a strong SEO strategy. Selecting a powerful solution that is affordable yet feature efficient is often incredibly challenging. Many professionals have worked with the top tools including Ahrefs, SEMrush and Ubersuggest. Each of these tools offers a unique set of features, functions, and price points. Read on to learn about Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest, which SEO tool is better for beginners.


Pricing Comparison

When you are searching for the best SEO ranking tool for beginners, you need to first consider the overall pricing. The best way to identify the best value is by running a comprehensive price comparison across Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest. You can compare pricing based on free trials, base plans and enterprise use for agencies.

Ubersuggest Pricing

Keep in mind that advanced tools like Ubersuggest operate on a ‘freemium’ model that delivers tons of free features throughout a trial period. The core product of Ubersuggest is entirely free. This means, you can preform essential functions like examining backlinks, analyzing domains, conducting site audits, or searching keyword and content ideas without spending any money.

If you are interested in premium models that offer upwards of 900 reports per day, monthly plans for Ubersuggest range anywhere from $12 to $40. These plans provide additional functions, capabilities, options to ensure the success of SEO.

Ahrefs Pricing

Analyzing the pricing options for Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest, you will see that other research tools are far more expensive. Depending on the size of your business, Ahrefs offers a series of monthly plans ranging from $99 to $999. Additionally, you would have to pay for a 7-day trial.


Features & Functionality

Before you purchase a keyword research tool, you will need to consider the various features and functionality across Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest. Each SEO keyword research tool like Ubersuggest offers a set of advanced features that make it unique from other options. Compare each tools balance between insights, information, and provided resources to determine which delivers the highest level of functionality. Analyzing these core features, you can accurately determine which SEO keyword tool will have the largest potential impact on your rankings.

Ubersuggest Core Features

With advanced visuals to view your clicks, searchers’ age range, mobile and desktop volume, Ubersuggest offers a wide range of valuable features. This makes it incredibly easy for your marketing department to target customers of specific age ranges or device types. The advanced keyword research tool than helps you visualize the top-performing content based on your various social shares. With this information, you can create and consistently improve the quality of content published on your site. The powerful keyword research tool additionally offers an advanced domain overview that allows you to reverse engineer your competitors social media, content marketing, and SEO strategy. This tool provides a comprehensive top SEO pages report that helps you discover which of your competitor’s pages are ranking for popular organic phrases. Ubersuggest even offers valuable keyword suggestions, backlink data, and content ideas for your marketing strategy.


Ahrefs Functionality Analysis

Alternate options like Ahrefs on the other hand, allow you to search for keywords on over ten search engines. This helps you process queries across major search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo. You can even access data from foreign search engines like Baidu, Daum, Yandex, and Naver.  Simultaneously, Ahrefs estimates monthly organic search traffic, and outlines your current keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks, and global volume.  Analyzing this data, you can accurately assess how many visitors you can obtain if you begin to rank for your desired keywords.



Ease Of Use

The ease of use is essential to consider when analyzing Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest for the best SEO research tools. Some degree of simplicity improves your ability to easily navigate SEO keyword research tools. Simultaneously, it ensures that you are able to fully utilize all features to their full potential. Before selecting a keyword research tool, you need to thoroughly determine the most efficient, simple solution to meet your needs.

Ubersuggest Simplicity

Geared towards beginners, Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO keyword research tools to consider. With extremely simple interfaces and functionality, even a newbie can master Ubersuggest in seconds. To begin using Ubersuggest, visit the platform, enter your desired keyword, input your location, and search. Then, the platform will provide you a comprehensive overview of your keywords, including critical factors like CPC, paid difficulty, monthly search volume, and SEO difficulty. You can additionally follow a similar simple process to analyze you or your competitor’s website. These searches return essential information like organic keywords, domain score, total backlinks, and average monthly traffic. As you continue to look through your report, you can view additional information like the keywords located by country and the top SEO pages in your niche.

Ahrefs Ease Of Use

With Ahrefs, you need to consider the ease of use that each keyword tool delivers. Using any of Ahrefs premium tools like rank tracks, site audit systems, as well as content and keyword explorers require you to sign up. Once you have signed up, visit the keyword generator. Then, you can enter your seed keyword and select the search engines you are looking to target. Ahrefs will then display one hundred keyword ideas, overall difficulty, and volume.

Overall Value

As you continue your comparison of Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest, you need to consider the overall value that each SEO keyword research tool delivers. With each keyword generation and analysis tool offering a unique set of features, there are several factors that contribute to determining overall value. You need to thoroughly evaluate what each SEO resource delivers in terms of technical, keyword, competitor, and link research. While each tool contains basic features to optimize your website or content, you need to accurately weigh the price point, functionality, and estimated benefits to each available resource.

There are several powerful SEO keyword research tools available on the market. There are several essential factors you need to analyze. First, you need to consider the overall pricing. In addition, you will need to consider the various features and functionality each SEO tool delivers. At the same time, the ease of use is essential to consider. The points mentioned above outline the key differences between Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest, and highlight which SEO tool is bet