Advocado: Connecting the Digitally-Defined Advertising World with Big Data Analytics

We’re in living an algorithmic world in which everything we do digitally is recorded and also, being understood. By mapping a consumer’s digital footprint, marketers are able to understand their audience better and run targeted advertising. Built by marketers for marketers, Advocado empowers advertisers to connect the dots between sales and their broadcast and digital campaigns, even when sales happen over the phone. Through native integrations with leading ad platforms, CRMs and analytics tools, Advocado helps advertisers optimize their ad spends.

Advocado’s mission is to increase the value of advertising and marketing, and power amazing customer experiences. 81% of internet users watch TV with a connected device and 92% of all customer interactions happen on the phone. Furthermore, 92% of offline sales begin online. So how do advertisers keep it all straight? Very few businesses have the technology to connect the complete customer journey from broadcast to digital and from digital to offline activities, and even fewer can do it in an automated or real-time fashion. As a result, advertisers and/or their agencies can’t effectively activate campaigns or attribute optimization across all channels.


Empowering Advertisers with Steller Products

Advocado offers two flagship products, MicroMoment+ and TraaqrSMB, to empower advertisers of all sizes with the most precise data possible regarding their customers’ online and offline journeys and to increase ROI.

MicroMoment+ is the company’s newest product and it features:

•  Patent-pending ad bot technology – MicroMoment+ AdBots boost Google Ads keyword bids in real-time during “micro-moments” – when a company’s broadcast advertisement or programming segment airs and viewers instantly reach for their smartphone or other connected device. The window of increased bidding lasts just 1-3 minutes during the Zero Moment of Truth, helping companies maximize Google Ad spends and digital click-through rates.

•  Click-to-call tracking technology – The MicroMoment+ platform also includes fully automated, click-to-call, conversion-level tracking. Data is collected at the click level, so marketers know exactly which ads and keywords are generating leads and sales. The platform also tracks and automatically uploads offline conversions to online ad platforms, improving ad rank and enabling ad platforms to “learn” what ads and audiences are most likely lead to sales.

•  Powerful analytics – MicroMoment+ Analytics make it easy for advertisers to connect broadcast runs to correlated online engagement, with session-level web visitor information, taking the guesswork out of broadcast attribution.


The Visionary Leaders

Brian Handrigan, Co-Founder & CEO and Jeff Linihan, Co-Founder & President, are driven entrepreneurs living at the intersection of technology and human communication. They have nearly 20 years of branding and advertising industry experience. Their mission is to build meaningful products, teams & companies founded on a clear WHY and directed by sound core values. Their experience and passion for data & analytics goes back to the early days of the Internet where Handrigan led the team that originally put Walmart on the web and then developed innovative tools for cataloging and photographing products for the site. Later the team led a marketing agency working in the Healthcare space that used large datasets for acquisition and retention marketing across both traditional and online channels. As early adopters of programmatic digital advertising, the team has always led the pack with their commitment to putting the customer journey/customer experience first and then integrating (or building) tools to both simplify the entire experience and increase the precision of data analytics and activate insights in real-time.


At the Convergence of Cloud and Big Data

The Advocado infrastructure relies heavily on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics to operate at a basic level. With petabytes of data being collected from multiple sources – such as broadcast commercial observations, website visitor and pageview, ad platform, call and CRM data – cloud computing resources enable Advocado to deliver its platform in containerized services that can scale within and across cloud locations so it can provide the processing power and redundancy needed to serve the clients. Big data analytics infrastructure and tools power the company’s data flows, noSQL data stores to BLOB storage to data lakes and then analytical database stores. These modern technologies give Advocado the flexibility and robustness needed to do everything from the real-time attribution of web sessions to TV commercial runs and then allow for more complicated data interrogation.

Artificial Intelligence tools will be joining Advocado’s product suite in the near future when the company will introduce capabilities that use original stimulus source (like a TV commercial) and or online customer journey to inform a better offline customer experience.


Data and Analytics Fuel Innovation

Commenting on the innovative platform, Brian said, “Advocado is innovative because we have built the first real-time platform to address the biggest gaps and pain points in the customer journey for both brands and customers (when people cross channels) and we have created automated tools to allow for seamless campaign activation – like when our AdBots trigger enhanced PPC bids with perfect knowledge that a TV commercial is running in-market or nationally, and connect the data of the customer journey when they cross from broadcast to online and even back offline via a phone call with extreme precision and seamless customer experience. And we’ve done it with immense scale – 210 local US TV markets, national cable channels, Hispanic stations, DirecTV, DISH, US National feeds and Canadian TV.”

To further build on and improve its offering, Advocado has partnered with Vonage to create a premium call tracking solution at a price point any business can afford. The company also has a partnership with a Fortune 50 communications company to create new AdBot triggers – like in-programming content.


Creating Substantial Business Value

A recent MicroMoment+ pilot study demonstrated a 98% increase in digital click-through rate for campaigns using MicroMoment+ AdBot and an 86% decrease in digital click-through rate for campaigns without MicroMoment+ AdBot. A recent TraaqrSMB study with a company that generates 100% of its leads online and drives 100% of its sales offline showed a 54% increase in month-over-month sales and a 34% reduction in monthly ad words spend.

Advocado was selected to participate in the startup pitch competition at Collision 2018 (New Orleans, LA). The company was one of 20 startups in the Unilever Foundry Startup Competition at DMEXCO 2018 (Cologne, Germany). Advocado was also invited to lead a panel discussion on “Best Practices in Better Customer Acquisition” at LeadsCon Connect to Convert 2018 (Boston, MA), and presented a talk on “Winning the Battle of the Micro-Moment” at DMEXCO 2018 (Cologne, Germany).

The company has grown monthly revenues by 500%+ from July 2018 to Oct. 2018 since launching its flagship MicroMoment+ product line and expects to exceed a $1 million ARR by the end of 2018. Advocado has grown its customer base by 333% since July 2018. Rob Enright from the Ward Group has said, “Advocado is the Future of Cross-Channel Advertising.”


Overcoming Critical Barriers  

According to Brian, Advocado’s biggest challenge has been designing a platform and data schema that is structured enough to run processes against it in real-time but is flexible enough that the company can add new functionality and partners quickly.


Future Perspectives

The company sees an exciting time for broadcast advertising ahead. In 2017, digital advertising surpassed broadcast advertising for the first time. “With the analytics precision of digital, we can understand why budgets have been moving there, but with what Advocado offers, in both providing real-time analytics of the broadcast and digital traffic and also the ability to use broadcast to activate MicroMoment-based advertising, we see the battle between broadcast and digital ending and a new age of partnership that will increase the ROI of every advertising dollar spent for years to come,” Brian added.