Accenture Releases a New Platform to Pitch AI Beyond Deep Data Science

by February 27, 2019

Ireland-based management consulting company Accenture has unveiled Applied Intelligence Platform that will offer industry solutions which are pre-configured and self-learning. The launch took place at the Mobile World Congress event. According to the company, the platform will also develop new solutions which would not require deep data science expertise.

As per the details provided by the company, the novel platform is designed on the Accenture Insight Platform. The consulting firm has been using this to offer analytics applications using ML and deep learning to clients until now.

The Applied Intelligence Platform will unify the capabilities with IoT services and analytics. Along with this integration, it will also facilitate access to more than 350 data sources.

Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive, Accenture Digital said – “The Applied Intelligence Platform enables AI-powered transformation at scale as clients will be able to systematically embed AI across their operations – from the edge right through to the cloud.”

Further, Sutcliff added – “Thanks to the platform, the power to leverage AI to drive unprecedented new growth and efficiencies and unlock new insights, business models and experiences is within reach of every organization.”

With the assistance of its team of industry specialists and approximately 3000 data scientists, Accenture has already created an array of uses cases and more than 40 intelligent industry solutions for the new platform. This all together will aid to fill in the loopholes and gap between IT and Operational Technology.

Athina Kanioura, chief analytics officer and global lead of Accenture Applied Intelligence asserted – “Data science to date has largely been decoupled from operations and application development, and models are often created and deployed only to be orphaned as there is limited feedback on their effectiveness.”

Additionally, she said – “Our new Applied Intelligence Platform provides non-data scientist with the tools and access to the data they need to rapidly assemble and apply applications while the platform ensures the effectiveness of the underlying advanced analytics.”