CyberInt: Securing Enterprises with AI and ML Powered Threat Management

Itai Margalit

CyberInt provides protection of all online activities for major global organizations using automated, machine learning expertise in cyber intelligence refined by human analysts for optimal effectiveness. This helps CyberInt achieve its vision to make cybersecurity as a business enabler that strengthens organizations’ value and customers trust.

 CyberInt’s unique Targeted Managed Detection & Response solution, an AI-based, automated threat-centric platform scans and correlates internal and external threats to the clients’ enterprise and digital presence, generating integrated insight to protect what matters the most: the client’s unique business mission, employees, customers and brand.

CyberInt’s Targeted MDR provides the following services:

•  High-touch, long-term, collaborative partnerships with its clients – the key to creating business-centered security

•  Integrated insights that secure a business outside-in, inside-out, integrating internal and external threats to reveal unknowns

•  Relentless response from CyberInt’s dedicated analysts who won’t rest until threats are mitigated and incidents resolved

•  A threat-led approach that provides context to internal cyber incidents, unveiling the who, what, why and how that matter to business

•  A powerful dashboard with 360º visibility into internal and external environments, prioritizing only those data points most important to the business and equipping enterprises with a strategic security view their organization can see, trust, and understand

•  Ongoing communication between CyberInt’s creative analysts and the client’s security team, achieving unparalleled understanding of the changing business environment to make quick, continuous platform adaptations to meet security needs

•  True business value for rapidly growing, online-driven organizations — instead of more noise

CyberInt, founded in 2010, serves retail, gaming, e-commerce companies and financial concerns in Israel and abroad, including ASOS, the Philippine Islands Bank, Telefonica, NICE Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: NICE; TASE: NICE), Wix, Playtika, and many others


Mission to Safeguard the Digitized World

CyberInt’s mission is to detect threats across the digital and organizational environments and to be one step ahead with situational awareness and actionable insights – ensuring more effective response and enabling client’s business goals. Since its founding, CyberInt has successfully developed a wide range of business results-enhancing cybersecurity offerings centered around its Targeted MDR platform, including phishing/spoofing detection, fraud prevention, brand and VIP protection, supply chain/third-party monitoring.


Dynamic Leaders of CyberInt

Itai Margalit, CEO of CyberInt is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in driving sales and overall business success for global technology companies. His expertise lies in transforming corporate strategy to achieve accelerated revenue growth, securing customer loyalty, and streamlining operations for optimized operational excellence. He spent 6 years as CEO of Starhome Mach, leading the worldwide sales organization towards acquisition by Vista Equity in 2018. He also held multiple leadership positions at Avaya, Radvision, and NICE. Itai holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from Kansas State University and has attended multiple executive workshops at INSEAD.

Itay Yanovski, Co-Founder & SVP Strategy of CyberInt is a veteran of the IT and cybersecurity space, specializing in information security management and cybersecurity operations. Prior to founding CyberInt, Itay was the Global CISO for ZIM Shipping Services, a multinational enterprise with a presence in over 70 countries.

He lectures regularly at professional conventions and at training programs as a Senior InfoSec lecturer. He is one of the founders of The Israeli Forum for Information Security (IFIS) and serves as Deputy Chairman and Head of the Professional Committee. Itay is a Major (Res.) in the IDF Communication and Computer Corps, with expertise in Communications and IT Security.


Leveraging Machine Learning to Provide Threat Intelligence

CyberInt puts machine learning and artificial intelligence front and center in its efforts to eliminate cyber threats brought on by increased digitalization and stay well ahead of hackers and eliminate threats before they become crises. CyberInt’s solution is managed in real-time through sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that drive contextualized and relevant detection. These AI and machine learning tools make it possible to monitor networks from an attacker’s perspective, thwart focused threats, protect brands, manage risks, and manage email threats. The platform, complemented by its global team of cyber analysts (all veterans of the IDF 8200 Intelligence Corps unit), enables CyberInt to offer managed services that protect both the client’s digital environment and the internal network most effectively.

With the platform, organizations can now:

•  Generate real-time incidents of targeted attacks, data leakage and stolen credentials compromising the organization

•  Identify threat actors targeting organizations in real-time and provide contextual data about them

•  Access hundreds of sources – feeds, IRC, dark web, blogs, social media, forums, and paste sites – to collect targeted data

•  Analyze results using AI and machine learning to deliver actionable recommendations

•  Utilize a 10,000-strong entity database of threat actors and tools for attribution and to maximize context

•  Automate a proven intelligence process

•  Ensure secure digital interactions with customers, and minimize the impact of threats on the bottom line and brand reputation


Innovation Navigating the Success Roadmap

What makes CyberInt innovative is that it offers more than protection – it offers protection in the context of the business. It is the leading cybersecurity partner for rapidly growing businesses highly engaged in online activity. Serving some of the top retail, finance, and gaming organizations around the world, CyberInt has developed a deep understanding of the threats, needs, and behaviors particular to each industry and leverages its knowledge of the adversary’s mind-set and tools, technology and procedures to detect and respond to incidents in the most effective way.

CyberInt is not just a provider, but a real partner, working intimately with the client’s team to ensure the platform is continually configured to client’s unique, ever-changing environment to advance what matters most: the business mission, employees, customers and brand.

Underscoring its business-focused mission, CyberInt works closely with C-suite officers (CEOs, CMOs CIOs, CISOs) to help them fulfill their core responsibilities, including:

•  Instilling customers with the utmost trust in their data security

•  Assuring top executives that their organizational security is being diligently managed

•  Monitoring consumer-facing domains, social media platforms, and digital marketing campaigns

•  Fiercely protecting brands by ensuring that external assets and customer data are untampered

•  Integrating several point solutions, reducing operational costs while enabling continuous adaptation to changing business environments

•  Quickly deploying the security measures needed for successful implementation when adopting new mobile applications, moving assets or infrastructure to the cloud, or partnering with third party providers

•  Conducting automated, 24/7 monitoring of external and internal assets to immediately detect and relentlessly respond to the threats most critical to the business mission, resulting in demonstrable, verifiable value


Current Trends to be Noted

Itay believes that machine learning and the AI industry are going to get more complex on the back end and simpler on the front end. Most technologies will integrate AI and machine learning in such a way to be seamless to the users but delivering more highly accurate and actionable results.


Testimonials from Clients

Since the inception of the company, CyberInt has been recognized as:

•  An advanced DRP solutions provider (by Forrester)

•  An innovator in securing digital businesses (by Gartner)

•  A Fast 50 company (ranked 5th fastest growing cyber security company and 38th fastest growing company by Deloitte)

•  Among the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers (by CIOReview)

•  Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company (by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards)


Client Feedback:

“Over the last year, CyberInt has helped us reinforce our defences, improve our detection and response capability, and reduce our fraud with their detection and response capabilities, in both the technology that they offer and their experienced teams.” Cliff Cohen, CIO, ASOS

“CyberInt helps us monitor thousands of events per second on social media and other channels. We can rest assured that we are protected from anyone trying to penetrate our system. This information is available to us in real time so we could act upon it immediately.” Ramon Jocson, Executive Vice President, Bank of the Philippine Islands


 Winning Over Challenges

CyberInt has been working to create the ideal balance between machine learning, AI, automation and orchestration, and human intelligence. “The volume of threats is overwhelming; automation must be able to deliver the exact information that human analysts need to provide a clear picture of relevant threats that require immediate, manual action and threats than can be dealt with using automated security technologies,” said Itay.


Crafting the Future

CyberInt will continue to fine-tune its machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to better serve its clients and their industries. A strong focus on cybersecurity is going to really make the difference between companies that succeed and companies that won’t survive.