5 Newest Tools for SEO Automation in 2020

July 30, 2019

SEO Automation

When the borders of modern markets had become wider and reached out the Internet, the rules of brand promotion changed. Online and offline companies differentiate at least in one thing – presence and absence of SEO. Search engine optimization helps content to occupy first places of search listings with essential knowledge of search engine principles. There are keywords, metatags, headings, and many other features, which are pretty hard to define when it is thousands of pages of a website.

Every year search engine promotion becomes a more time-consuming process. A large number of manually repeating tasks cut down time of SEO-specialists. Usage of automation tools and software allows you to minimize possible human errors. Programs do everything according to an algorithm, and if keep to it, the result will be excellent. Our list of the best-ranked SEO tools in 2020 can automate the most boring tasks for you.


5 SEO Automation Tools

If something is done in automatic or semi-automatic mode, it does not mean that a work quality is lost.

We would like also to mention that some processes cannot be done by machine. Research and development are the activities, which play a crucial role for any company, so just a human being can take into account all the socio-cultural aspects for brand popularity. Therefore, SEO tools developed to cope with specific tasks.

SEO programs can automate the following processes:

•  compilation of semantic core;

•  technical audit;

•  analysis of competitors;

•  setting goals and project management;

•  reporting to clients.


1. SE Ranking

One of the first stages of website promotion is the compilation of the semantic core and clustering. The website performance quality depends on the number of visitors on the site and their compliance with your target audience, the chances to get to the top, and eventually your conversion. SE Ranking saves time on selecting keys for groups of requests: the system processes 10,000 requests in 10 minutes. This tool will help analyze the growth of competitors’ reference profile and understand the strategy of external promotion. Automated SEO process gives you all the answers in the form of a complete picture of the progress and the dynamics of the search changes.


2. Traffic Booster

This SEO automation service is an excellent option for PPC ads. The specific algorithm estimates website users and serves perfectly to eCommerce companies as it can analyze a short application form for creating ads. Automate such SEO processes as pointing of a brand target audience, selection of relevant keywords, finding the most effective tactics for marketing a brand. The algorithm of the SEO content software optimizes campaigns to achieve more sales at an affordable price.



A good tool for marketing that created for online brands to get clients. RIO SEO helps to integrate efficient automatic search engine optimization recommendations to your website. All the data about optimization can be seen on a dashboard, which you can fill with tasks. The tool costs some money, but it worth using for social nets, brand promotion, and interaction.


4. Hunter.io

The tool is a real hunter for relevant email addresses, which are related to a website. A good benefit of Hunter.io is the availability of 100 requests per month. This tool helps in sales organization as it speeds up sales in several times.


5. SERProbot

This rank checking tool is all about SEO automation. Using this program, you can see how efficient is your website, what is your website ranking position. Understanding the health of a website leads to content improvement. Several actions: enter of a domain or list of keywords and see what is its ranking. Also, there is a possibility to check competitors’ rankings.

Automation of SEO provides several advantages:

•  The cost of many works is reduced, so you can spend a project budget on a creative part of a brand creation;

•  The analysis accuracy increases as the use of software and services make it possible to quickly generate the necessary reports;

•  There is no need to hire more people, which means that the profitability of a business is growing;

•  Increased transparency of work and it

•  Planning of everything is much easier


Why it is so Important to use SEO Automation Tools

The main advantage of automation tools is the ability to increase business profitability. Brand or company work faster, without losing the quality of a product.

Evaluation of the website quality and the elimination of technical errors is the first work stage for any project. If there is a lot of content for promotion, you can forget about free time. Even collecting a small number of keywords by a person is a very tedious process. Considering the fact that a high-quality semantic core is very important for effective optimization and promotion of a site, it is worth thinking first of all about automating work in any field.

Learning from the successes of others is important, too. Competitor analysis is a great way to get valuable information to promote your own projects. The main areas of such analysis are semantics and reference profile. We chose 5 basic tools for each of these goals, using them you get more time and efficiency.

Forbes says, that SEO is a process, not a solution. Handling relevant tools takes your brand closer to freeing time and mitigation of efforts, but human engagement stays important, though.  Look at some of Singapore SEO agencies here.


Bottom Line

There are some tasks that cannot be automated — defining project goals and building a promotion strategy, conducting research, writing texts, experiments, and other project development work.

In many SEO processes, optimization should be implemented. This is not a sign of laziness, but a requirement to save time and effort. There will always be a need for an expert approach and manual labor, but these few tools are just the beginning. It makes it easier for you to get better results and brand promotion.