19 Top Platforms For Analytics And Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence And Analytics)

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Ever wondered how businesses come up with such impressive innovations each day? The pace at which the demand for technological advances is increasing is wondrous. To stay in the game and cope up with the brutal competition out there, businesses need to improve and better their processes each day. Business intelligence and analytics help enterprises with the same, by providing them with actionable insights that can be used and employed in the current workflow to further optimize it to save time, increase efficiency, and lessen efforts.


What is Analytics?

Analytics refers to the use of mathematics, machine learning, and statistics to derive insightful patterns and knowledge through precedent data. With the power of analytics, enterprises can employ the colossal amount of data created every day, to produce answers to questions that are unimaginable. It is the science of recording, storing, segregating, and making sense out of the quintillions of data produced by enterprises.


What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence translates to architectures, processes, and technologies that help convert the great amount of raw data into relevant and meaningful information that can prove conducive to business to derive actionable insights to improve and optimize processes.

Why do you need a platform for analytics and business intelligence?

  • Businesses need continual advancements to cope up with the presence of high dynamics in the market.
  • Business analytics is gaining a fair share of impetus as more enterprises understand the need to incorporate it into the system. However, the businesses are on a quest to find the right analytic tools such that they come easy to use by every employee in the organization.
  • With the help of these tools, the employees will be able to gain real-time insights without really having the technical expertise to spend time analyzing everything by themselves.
  • Let us have a look at some of these platforms that come handy for analytics and business intelligence, to make the processes all the more smooth, efficient, and optimized.


20 Top Platforms For Analytics And Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence And Analytics)

1. Tableau 

Tableau is one of the best in class, a self-service analytics platform that performs amazing visualizations of data.

  • Easy comprehension – The visualizations are understandable with the help of color, cartography, and animation. After all, isn’t its simplicity and easy comprehension that firms look for when it comes to analytics?
  • Simple implementation – Tableau is easy and quick to implement, along with its commitment to visualization that includes administration tools like governance and visual permissions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mBtTNggkUk

2. Oracle analytics server

With a user satisfaction score of 90, Oracle is an all-embracing solution that offers a wide range of analytics, reporting capabilities, and intelligence.

  • Apt for all organizations – It works with every kind of organization to support the great heavy amount of workloads along with complex deployments for delivering data analysis.
  • User-friendliness – The visualization is incredibly easy for the user to comprehend as it comes in forms of charts, graphs, and other easy to understand graphics. It is even well-suited for non-technical users.

3. Sisense

Sisense is powered by in-chip technology and is a platform that is an analysis, business discovery, and intelligence solution that comes with a back-end powered.

  • Easy to use – Even non-technical users can easily avail of its merits as it lets them merge and analyze large data sheets from multiple sources.
  • High compatibility – Its front-end visualization reports are easily understandable and can be viewed on several mobile devices.

4. Microstrategy

The micro strategy is well suited for any small to mid-sized business as it is built for mobile, web, and desktop while it offers a wide range of BI solutions that can be relevant to all levels of users.

  • User-friendly – Due to the ease of its use, easy comprehension, and high scalability, it is one of the many popular BI tools.
  • Offers a sea of features – It is equipped with a lot of features like real-time telemetry, social integration, mobile productivity, data discovery, and a lot more.
  1. Looker – Looker, now acquired by Google, is a one-stop solution for all levels of technical users and data analysts.
  • Highly insightful – This web-based solution lets users explore, visualize, and share actionable data insights.
  • Customizable dashboards – It lets users customize dashboards for it to reflect in accordance with their particular business needs and Key Performance Indicators.

5. Looker

Looker, now acquired by Google, is a one-stop solution for all levels of technical users and data analysts.

  • Highly insightful – This web-based solution lets users explore, visualize, and share actionable data insights.
  • Customizable dashboards – It lets users customize dashboards for it to reflect in accordance with their particular business needs and Key Performance Indicators.

6. Birst

Birst is one platform that functions independent of inputs from the data analyst.

  • Drives you meaningful insights – It gathers raw data, stores it, puts it into sets, organizes the same, and creates visualizations to discover meaningful insights.
  • Seamless experience – It highlights imperative patterns conducive to comprehend the enterprise’s KPIs. It lets users perform all the steps of data through a single interface, making the experience seamless with integrated UI.

7. SAP

SAP helps businesses to drive through the decision-making process directionally with a clearer understanding and meaningful patterns derived from the data.

  • Easy to use – It operates within a familiarized Microsoft Office environment making it easier and more convenient to use.
  • Create analytical reports – You can create analytical reports with the help of SAP Identity Analytics, while SAP Crystal Server is greatly suited for small businesses to deliver insightful reports, data exploration, and a lot more.

8. Power BI

Power BI is powered by Microsoft and comes with an array of tools to derive the right insights for your organization.

  • Drive interactive solutions Some of its many capabilities include data discovery, data preparation, along with an interactive dashboard.
  • Custom visualizations – It doesn’t quite end here as it can load several custom visualizations that work in accordance with the organizational requirements.

9. TeraData

TeraData is one of the leading providers of analytics, Business intelligence, and hybrid cloud products.

  • Flexible and convenient – It provides very flexible support in terms of working with multiple data, heterogeneous stores, and formats.
  • High score – According to Gartner, TeraData scores highest for all the use cases.

10. Salesforce Einstein Analytics

In a world fueled by technology, here comes an AI-powered analytics solution by Salesforce, Einstein Analytics. It has especially been developed for the Salesforce customer success platform.

  • Smart insights – It encompasses all the capabilities of machine learning that help with smart insights and works with automation.
  • Data forecast – One of its many features is predictive analysis that helps with forecasting data and explanation of imperative insights derived from recorded raw data.

11. SAS

Statistical Analysis System is specially designed for advanced-level analytics and is immensely insightful about business intelligence solutions.

  • Advanced level analytics – It takes care of several analytic solutions from data management, business intelligence to predictive analysis, and multivariate analysis.
  • Easy to use – With an impressive user-interface, it makes it easy for even the technical users to have access to its features.

12. Dundas

Powered by Dundas Visualization, Dundas BI is one of the best browser-based business intelligence solutions

  • Interactive visualization – It comes with a highly interactive dashboard, the ability to build reports, customize visualizations, and a lot more.
  • High flexibility – It lets users integrate data in real-time from any source providing utter flexibility and high-level convenience.

13. Board

Board is a data discovery platform that is fully featured and helps with enterprise performance management and business analytics.

  • Interactive experience – It helps its users with a comprehensive overview of their business with its customizable and highly interactive dashboard.
  • Keeping a check on KPIs – It is conducive for enterprises in drilling down their Key Performance Indicators to keep a regular check on their business performance.

14. DOMO

DOMO translates to ‘thank you’ in the Japanese language. Due to its efficacy in providing its users with the most insightful information to drive the decision-making process, it sure is one of the most popular tools used by analysts.

  • Comprehensive analysis – DOMO is a SaaS business management platform that gives its users an all-embracing data set for analysis by integrating data from numerous sources.
  • Need-based solutions – This platform lets users perform both micro and macro levels of analysis depending on the requirement and ultimately generating an in-depth and insightful result for the same.

15. QlikView

Formerly identified as ‘Quality Understanding Interaction, Knowledge,’ Qlik has been inspired by the PC based ‘Quick View.’

  • Quality experience – It is one of the prominent names when it comes to talking of efficient BI visualization tools providing the best in class quality experience to its user.
  • High customization – It customizes its products by breaking them down as per the requirements of the user.

16. Google Data Studio

Reporting and data visualization couldn’t have been easier without the existence of Google Data Studio in the analytics space.

  • Easy to use -Google Data Studio is incredibly easy to use, which makes it possible for analysts at all levels to avail of its impressive features.
  • Great user experience – It lets you create interesting web reports and is equipped with a smooth user interface for better navigation and convenience.

17. OBI 12C

OBI 12C is a popular business intelligence analytics platform among data analysts.

  • User-friendliness – Great scalability, powerful decision support system, user-friendliness, easy implementation are just a few of its many key highlights.
  • Apt for all – It is suitable for all levels of technical and non-technical users due to the ease of its use and implementation.

18. Panorama Necto

Panorama Necto is one of the most efficacious tools that is power-packed with highly useful features that are immensely conducive to drive actionable insights for the user.

  • Easy comprehension – Panorama Necto is one of the best analytics and business intelligence platforms due to its phenomenal abilities to process data and capabilities to create easily comprehensive yet impressive visualizations.
  • More for less – Along with its powerful functionality, it also comes at a really affordable price that makes it fit for all sizes of organizations.

19. ZenDesk Explore

Zendesk Explore is a really powerful tool that is highly intuitive to aid organizations with all the data analytics requirements in the smoothest way.

  • Insightful information – It apt to provide organizations with amazingly useful insights that can drive them through the decision making process.
  • Easy comprehension – Along with being easy to use, it allows users to analyze data using statistics and visualize the same comprehensively. In addition to this, the User Interface is also really smooth and presentable.

Quintillions of data are produced by businesses every day. The challenge is to record it, maintain it, segregate it, organize it and make sense out of it to derive key actionable insights that can drive organizations through crucial decision-making processes along with optimizing the workflow. Doing all of this manually seems nearly impossible, which is why Business Intelligence analytics tools come into the picture to aid enterprises through the herculean process. Businesses have started to realize its significance and thus are incorporating their use in the system increases.

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