10 Proven Habits of Successful RPA Teams

by June 20, 2020


Successful RPA implementations improve efficiency and build up a bottom-up approach

As indicated by a Deloitte Global RPA Survey from 2018, 1 out of 4 employees answerable for running transactional operations proclaimed that increasing the degree of automation is a top vital need. Most of the respondents have just set out on the automation venture, and by 2020 the number is relied upon to arrive at 72%.

If the procedure proceeds because of current circumstances, RPA will have accomplished near-universal adoption within the following five years. Subsequently, all things considered, you yourself are likewise among the ones who have considered beginning robotic process automation implementation.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of RPA services is it can help organizations regardless of the size of the workforce. Basically, RPA innovation has enough flexibility and scalability to offer to assist present day organizations with increasing the gross output. As an urgent business activity, robotic process automation tools can open the doors of new opportunities for your business. Notwithstanding, it is important for you to deploy it appropriately in the workplace. Studies have discovered that around 30% to 50% of starting RPA projects flop because of different reasons. How can we avoid that?


Define Scope

Like some other task, you have to define the scope for RPA services at your work environment. It is smarter to identify, evaluate, plan, and validate the procedures before allotting them to the robotic process automation provider. robotic process automation solutions can give wanted outcomes giving persistent assessment and upgrade through the procedure lifecycle.


RPA Strategy and Roadmap

Companies with effective RPA teams build clearly defined automation charters that layout solid business goals and objectives that are quantifiable, measurable, and achievable in defined timelines. Making that a stride further, their team members additionally see how their work lines up with that strategy and those objectives. Tapping RPA vendors or consulting partners to see how RPA will fit into their current environment and tweak their guide can be a decent initial step.


Team Awareness

It is one of the most significant parts of the effective deployment of RPA solutions. You have to include your team before and during actualizing automation. You should make them comprehend and accept that RPA services are planned for increasing effectiveness. If you need to use the greatest advantages of customized RPA solutions, you should spread awareness for adopting automation.


Put First Things First

Distinguish the procedures that bode well to be automated first. Try not to begin with a procedure that is very critical or complex. Choosing processes that can give you fast accomplishments is a sure method to get buy-in from senior management and to demonstrate the chosen stage and procedures can be scaled to automate an ever-increasing number of procedures.


Skilled RPA Professionals

Keeping aside the huge claims of RPA service providers, you have to concentrate on recruiting experienced and skilled RPA experts for streamlining daily tasks. The process automation tools are worked to improve the speed and agility of certain tedious procedures. As innovation progresses, AI (Artificial Intelligence) unites with RPA to take automation to another level. Only expert RPA developers can empower you to profit from the benefit of both these technologies in customized software solutions.


Compliance and Security

Both compliance and security should take part to empower robots to access systems and procedures that may include critical information. Effective RPA teams acquire these accomplices ahead of schedule to address concerns around data protection.



It’s time we look past competition and collaboration. RPA platforms are extensible, which means you don’t need to fathom each automation challenge with the platform itself. Rather, you can assess integrations with solutions that can supplement the platform’s abilities.

Recognize various methods of tackling an issue and afterwards select the most appropriate solution for your use case. You may discover such solutions in Bot Store, the world’s biggest marketplace for prebuilt intelligent automation solutions. There, you can recognize various automation worked by partner companies to solve the question at hand.



You have various alternatives for boosting training and education: training programs given by vendors, online user communities, or in any event, getting experienced RPA assets from services providers or systems integrators to get things moving while the company prepares its own in-house teams. Vendors are contributing to onboard more certified training partners to offer more noteworthy training flexibility and accessibility to clients.


Calculate ROI

It is always recommended to measure the achievement of automation at your workplace. You can basically join IT and finance by breaking down ROI and documents. It encourages you to dissect the success of an RPA solution and you can stay assured of the way that the automation procedure gives the real value to your organization. When RPA services consolidate RPA with different digital tools, you can get a consistent performance and witness an improvement in efficiency.

Opt for Readymade Solution. New robotic process automation (RPA) solution development takes additional time and requires great assets. In this way, if you want to spare huge amounts of time and money, you ought to go for a ready-made tool. You can straightforwardly deploy such readymade tools in your current ERP framework. However, at that point, it is in every case better to research well to meet vital business needs successfully.


Be Proactive

Educate employees on how RPA implementations will improve their overall work and help build up a bottom-up approach. Urge them to think of RPA use cases that can be automated in their everyday work. Since they’re executing a significant number of the monotonous, manual procedures, employees are best situated to give nitty gritty data about them and be the best judges of where there’s opportunity to get better.