10 Best Data Science Platforms

January 7, 2019

Data science is a developing reaction to the exceptional volumes of information that are accessible to organizations for decision-making purposes. The longing to determine social and economic value from this newly accessible information is constrained just by the absence of ability and tools. Data science platforms have been developed to fill this gap. Agile development processes require a client or customer to express the business need and give steady input on what is being manufactured. Data science teams are comparable. They are best when they work intimately with the general population who really utilize the models that they build. Without this solution, the models constructed may not adequately tackle the business issue that the specialty unit is battling with.

A few platforms are basically about model development and contain coding language abilities to this end. Data Science models are commonly very unpredictable and require propelled coding aptitudes and frequently concentrated hardware. Data scientists likewise use much of the numerous machines simultaneously by spreading work across them. Various platforms don’t contain languages for composing code but, rather, permit products like R, SAS, or Python to execute model code. Rather, they work as a system of record for every one of the models being created by a whole data science group. Let’s check some of the top data science platforms that use analytics code which is widely adopted all over the world.



MATLAB is amazingly easy to understand platform which is utilized in data analytics for neural systems, cloud processing, machine learning, and so forth. MATLAB will enable users to go through huge amounts of data coming from multiple formats and sources. It is very versatile and ranges from sensor analytics, telematics, to predictive maintenance. Anybody utilizing MATLAB can get to data and information from different sources and formats, for example, IoT gadgets, web content, record frameworks, video, sound and some more. Its individual yearly licenses pricing begins from $820 every year. It likewise offers 1-month free trial.


TIBCO Statistica

TIBCO Statistica is deployed by numerous enterprises to unravel their unpredictable issues. In this platform, clients can assemble their innovative models with refreshed analytical procedures, learning, AI and others. TIBCO Statistica can make complex analytics algorithms including neural systems, clustering, machine learning, which can be accessed through a few nodes.


Alteryx Analytics

Alteryx Analytics is an Irvine, California-based computer software. It primarily offers predictive analytics and business intelligence products which are used for analytics and data science purposes. Their pricing begins at $3,995 every year membership. Their cloud-based analytics gallery cost around $1,950 per year. Alteryx Analytics technology partners consist of Microsoft, Qlik, Tableau and Amazon Web Services.


RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio is regarded as a visual workflow designer. It is built specifically for data scientists helping them with machine learning, data preparation, predictive analytics and text mining. With the help of RapidMiner Turbo Prep, users can pivot, blend data from various sources as well as take charge of transformation. For a matter of fact, all this is executed in just a few clicks.


Databricks Unified Analytics Platform

This platform is built by the creators of Apache Spark. It is where clients can deal with the majority of their analytical procedures through shared notepads and coordinating with the environment. Clients can prepare their AI applications and models consistently. It is accessible for a fourteen-day free trial.



Anaconda is an open source and free platform with more than seven million clients everywhere throughout the world. Their most prominent products consist of Anaconda Enterprise and Anaconda Distribution. Anaconda Distribution enables clients to deal with the environment and platform for 2,000 data bundles for Python for Data Science and R programming language.



Used by around 155,000 users and more than 14000 organizations around the globe, H20 is widely being adopted in industries like Healthcare, Finance, Telco, Retail and manufacturing. One of its tools Driverless AI was in the list of 2018 InfoWorld Technology Awards Winners. H2O is a prominent platform in a few major multi-million-dollar organizations, for example, PayPal, Cisco, Dun and Bradstreet, and a few assembling businesses.


KNIME Analytics Platform

This analytics platform is an open source software. It is primarily used for end-to-end data science workflows for machine learning algorithms and advanced predictive algorithms. With the help of this platform, users can get through and fetch data from Azure, Google, Twitter and AWS S3.



R-Studio is an IDE (coordinated advancement condition) which can be for the most part utilized for R programming language clients. Its platform is extremely intelligent, and it additionally contains built-in bundles for statistical computing and graphics. The stage can proficiently keep running on Mac, Linux and also Windows work areas and workstations.


Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Cloudera Data Science Workbench is a standout amongst the most loved platforms of data scientists, programming specialists, and software engineers. Clients and data scientists can utilize the most recent and updated systems and libraries which are scripted on Scala, R and Python programming language. Users can construct and prepare their machine learning models with only a couple of snaps and hauls which is increasingly adaptable when compared with other platforms.