Pegasus: AI and Advanced Workforce Analytics for Improved Organizational Performance-delivered as a turnkey solution

Supreet Singh

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI) enables organizations to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to drive both top-line growth and bottom-line savings. Organizations are struggling to leverage AI use cases across their data, data that exists in multiple and disparate data sources, to arrive at strategic decision-making insights. PKSI provides decision-makers with real-time, predictive insights that make it easier for them to make informed and impactful decisions quickly. Organizations are striving to leverage AI because there is a tremendous return on their investment, but often lack the resources, expertise, and support required to truly leverage advanced analytics. Solution offerings from Pegasus deliver savings in manpower costs, time, timely risk alerts and more, all of which directly contribute to a healthier bottom line for clients.

Efficient, cost-effective solutions from Pegasus enable large, medium and small-sized businesses to enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics in their business processes. Pegasus enables organizations (which do not employ or cannot afford an in-house analytics team) to enjoy the advantages of up-to-date technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics. If data is truly the new oil in the industry, PKSI taps it, refines it and helps its customers monetize it, quickly and affordably. With pre-built, hardened and tested solutions, PKSI brings AI solutions to the masses, delivering results-as-a-service.


An Evangelist Leader 

As a founding principal of Pegasus, for over 20+ years, Supreet Singh has long been an IT visionary and AI evangelist. Combining his educational accomplishments, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Thapar University, with his IT and professional services experience, Supreet has led the AI investment at PKSI for 10 years, with a vision of bringing AI solutions to the masses. With a decade of experience, PKSI has a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Most providers are pushing tools or people, whereas PKSI is satisfying requirements with an end-to-end, turnkey AI solution specifically tuned to HR business challenges. Leveraging state of the art algorithms and tools, the company delivers world-class HR solutions, built on open source or strategic partner platforms, that transform HR organizations. Organizations need to leverage people, process and tools to deliver sustainable results. PKSI has been facing AI challenges for years and its customers benefit from easily consuming sophisticated technology through modern, user-friendly solutions at competitive prices, supported by a 24x7x365 environment.


Leveraging AI to Deliver Operational Insights

 Through its end-to-end AI-powered analytics solutions, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions houses the capability to inject raw data from the clients’ disparate sources such as spreadsheets, database, structured, and unstructured data, and provide a single consistent view of an employee or customer. The company’s solution utilizes machine learning, predictive modeling, text, and social data mining to provide employee and operational insights. Further, the AWA solution is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated into any environment and accessed via cloud from any device. Besides, AWA leverages existing customer investments and tools and, through automated connectors, companies that can harness the power of AI and predictive insight in a matter of weeks.


Spearheading Innovation Through Strategic Partnerships 

For over 20 years, Pegasus’ focus has been client-centric. PKSI has strategic partnerships throughout the ecosystem, with clients of all sizes, across all industries. This ensures clients leverage their existing investments and minimize cost while getting the right technology to address their business challenges. Pre-built solutions and connectors ensure a client’s time to value is compressed. PKSI does not expect their users to be data scientists, quite the contrary. PKSI’s AWA solution makes all customer information available and easily interpreted by business users. In addition to the organization’s internal data, typically only available in multiple silos within the organization, PKSI can combine third-party datasets such as socio-economic, financial, or demographic data for richer analytical insights. PKSI partners with the industry’s leading third-party data providers.

Supreet mentioned that in one customer success story, the company’s predictive model was 90 percent accurate in identifying employees at high risk of attrition, by combining external data like the current industry scenario, the macro-economic outlook, and many more factors to guarantee a model accuracy. “The trend is to add more data, but let the technology drive the insight so that leaders and employees can make sound business decisions,” he added.


Disruptive Technologies Providing Competitive Edge

Organizations know AI and machine learning can help them, target employees, lift the employee experience, help retain high-value employees and gain insight from employee feedback, whether through formal surveys or on social media. The return on investment of AI projects in HR ranges from 20X to over 250X the investment. Hiring, retention and employee experience are not simply HR organizations’ priorities but have become priorities of the C-Suite as well. Falling employee productivity severely affects the business viability. In the increasingly competitive business environment, not doing enough for HR management can have far-reaching, long-term impacts. Progressive organizations today must leverage advanced analytics to compete with other organizations to acquire, retain, and manage a top-notch workforce in the great “battle for talent.” Harnessing the power of AI does not take millions of dollars or a team of resources requiring months and months of investment. Instead, organizations are engaging strategic HR partners, like PKSI, to deliver results in weeks, enabling their company, their department to make the right decisions at the right time. Studies show that only 14 percent of companies are utilizing their data to give them a competitive advantage in workforce management.

Modern technologies such as AI and data science are used to analyze the current trends of workforce data and predict the short/medium term situations considering the risks that have been identified by the prediction models. Comparison against benchmark standards indicates how far the organization is from the ideal/target situation. When business managers see the risk alerts, they can become both cautious as well as proactive about managing such risks.

According to Supreet, having carved a niche in the workforce analytics landscape by helping numerous large and mid-sized companies in aligning HR metrics with strategic business goals, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions is focused on delivering its workforce analytics solution in North America.


Valuable Client Recognitions

At Pegasus, the team values a satisfied client above all. PKSI has been recognized as a strategic supplier by its customers, its partners and by analysts for deploying AI solutions successfully. The company’s AI service renewal rate exceeds 95 percent. PKSI’s renewal rate, industry recognition, and its customer satisfaction guarantee are proof points that PKSI delivers on its commitments and value to each client.

Recently, a Global Bank solved their employee attrition issue through the PKSI AWA solution. In a matter of weeks, they were accurately predicting the employees at the “risk of leaving” the organization and taking prescriptive action to retain them.


An Integrated Approach to Winning Against Challenges

PKSI’s workforce analytics solutions integrate internal data- both structured and unstructured scattered across various systems within the organization and combine external data like industry scenario, macro-economic outlook and social media activity of employees. PKSI integrates all data from the clients’ HRIS training system, engagement surveys and more, to tune their tailor-made workforce analytics solution.

PKSI believes customer value is achieved by locating, cleaning, and preparing the data, even prior to running it through algorithmic models. PKSI can layer its solution in the environment and generate results within weeks. Below are the challenges faced by organizations in HR and how AWA solutions deliver exceptional value:


HR Business Challenges
  1.   Data – Silos of data that isn’t integrated, can’t be trusted, impacting 360-degree employee insight.
  2.   Reactive –Cumbersome, historical reporting vs. insightful dashboards with predictive insight.
  3.   Resources– Lack of AI skilled resources, including data scientists, data engineers, data architects, infrastructure resources.
  4.   Budget constraints– Capital budget process vs. affordable, operating expense.
  5.   Process considerations– Security, governance, compliance, proven use cases, model bias eliminated, model support included.


AWA Solution Highlights
  1. All HR data sources integrated, leveraging existing tools and platform investments.
  2. Advanced visualization of employee data in an intuitive, 360-degree dashboard.
  3. Dramatically reduced attrition rates and associated costs.
  4. High-value employee retention.
  5. Best candidates easily identified, replicating past success through AI.
  6. Forward-looking resource demand planning and forecasting.
  7. Turn-key, results-as-a-service, with 24x7x365 support for the entire organization.
  8. Customer satisfaction guarantee.


  1.   Dramatic results: Typical AWA cost savings range from 20X-250X monthly expense.
  2.   Speed:  AWA implementation in 3-6 weeks.
  3.   Compressed time to value:Automated connectors to existing HR data sources accelerates results.
  4.   Peace of Mind:One vendor, combining the market-leading software platform with proven results and 24x7x365 enterprise support.


Empowering Top-Notch Workforce for Productivity

Supreet believes that HR is increasingly growing in importance to most businesses. With the evolving business environment and the need for strategic positioning, HR is a special focus area. Organizations across the globe recognize that the best candidates are worth fighting for. To wage war with their competitors to acquire, retain and manage a top-notch workforce in the great “battle for talent”, organisations require more proactive HR management. While Fortune 500 companies have teams of resources at their disposal, technologies such as AI and data science can level the playing field in this talent war. In consultation with HR experts, Pegasus has developed user-friendly solutions to address this challenge. PKSI is confident that the workforce analytic solutions promise high rewards and low risks, simultaneously addressing top-line growth and bottom-line savings.