Cognitive Computing

How Cognitive Technologies are Redefining the Future of Manufacturing?

As factories and equipment get smarter and armed with new technologies, like IoT, AI, and Cognitive Automation, Industry 4.0 has finally arrived. Industry 4.0 a term coined in Germany to computerize manufacturing, has now launched into a worldwide phenomenon. To

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Cognitive Technologies are Double-Edged

The term Artificial Intelligence was first introduced in 1955 by John McCarthy, computer scientist to portray “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” These machines are worked to impersonate human insight, in light of the case that human knowledge

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Leveraging Cognitive Computing for Business Gains

Cognitive computing systems have been one of the trendiest aspects of modern day technologies. Deploying computerized models to simulate the human cognition process to find solutions is what cognitive computing systems do. A cognitive computing system is used in complex

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