Databricks Acquires Prodvana to Boost Cloud Capabilities


Databricks is building one of the world's largest multi-cloud platforms, launching over 20 million virtual machines daily across major cloud platforms, aiming for enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, and consistency.

Prodvana has developed innovative methods to simplify cloud-native deployment complexities through managed delivery, infrastructure insights, and self-healing capabilities, which Databricks plans to leverage for infrastructure improvements.

The Prodvana team brings extensive experience in building scalable and secure infrastructures for large, critical distributed systems, having previously worked on projects like YouTube and Dropbox.

Prodvana's approach is founded on the belief that intelligent automation and AI can transform infrastructure into a force multiplier, ensuring error-free operations and accelerating R&D.

This acquisition aligns with Databricks' commitment to an open data and AI ecosystem, enabling efficient collaboration across platforms and unlocking AI innovation.