Meta AI Chief Mocks Elon Musk's Recruitment Efforts for xAI on X

Parvin Mohmad

Yann LeCun, Meta's AI chief, targeted Elon Musk on, X. On Monday, LeCun openly insulted Musk's request for AI talent to join his US$24 billion business, xAI.

The latest conflict between the tech titans erupted on Sunday when xAI declared a big achievement: US$6 billion in Series B investment.

In response, Musk sent out a recruiting message asking tech professionals to join xAI, highlighting the company's dedication.

LeCun, renowned for his public disagreements with Musk, did not hold back.

He responded sarcastically to Musk's post: "Join xAI if you can stand a boss who: - claims that what you're working on will be solved next year (no pressure).

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