You Have To Check Out These Big Data Cartoons!

by June 9, 2018

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So here are 10 data cartoons to brighten your day (or perhaps night).


1) On Your Face, Candidate!

If you were the candidate, what would you say?


2) Whose Is Bigger?


3) Privacy Thrown Out The Window


4) Are We Really Heading Here?

Resembles Black Mirror on so many levels. (Cartoon by Thierry Gregorius)


5) Certainly Not The Childhood You Would Want For Yourself


6) Paranoid Much?


7) The Angels Are Unhappy Now


8) Is This For Real?


9) Reality On Point!


10) Christmas Is No Fun Anymore

(Source: KDnuggets)


Which one was your favourite? Comment down below.