US Medium-Sized Businesses Actively Employing RPA to Avail its Beneficial Assistance

by January 16, 2019


Industrial optimization and automation processes have successfully embraced the radical changes brought in by Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As per a survey report presented by RPA provider Softomotive, RPA adoption is quite strong among medium-sized businesses in the US. The report says that 46 percent of medium-sized businesses in the US quoted that they have enforced RPA at various scale contributing to multi-level parts of their organization. Also, some businesses have implemented RPA at small scale to check further benefits of RPA in their trades.

The survey also implied how multinational businesses are also employing automated software to carry out certain tasks. The merits of RPA that compelled the majority of sectors to divert the tech trend, include reduced human error, shortened operational costs and enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Considering the report presented by GlobalData, Data and Analytics company which said impact of RPA is influential among retailers, Brad Shimmin, service director for Technology and Software at GlobalData, said “One noticeable advantage with RPA is that its installation requires no change to the current set up and can interact with the existing underlying systems. It can also be combined with other automation tools to get the most out of them.”


Adoption of RPA and its Defects

•  Initial Investment cost is still a roadblock for some businesses investing in RPA.
•  RPA adoption may not be a good idea for the companies which are only focused on marginal returns.
•  As the debate continues over technology overtaking labor force headcount, RPA might take jobs away from professionals but there are high chances that it will create new collar jobs for skilled workers who can maintain robotics workforce.
•  While implementing RPA solutions, the risk of data security and service reliability also increases among medium-sized
•  As per Softomotive report, venturing into departments, it is observed that RPA adoption is strongest with 70 percent ratio in Business operations and 68 percent in IT sector.
•  Also, a considerate amount of finance, accounting, procurement, and HR section is employing RPA.

Estimating the usage of RPA in near future, Softomotive survey predicts that around 94 percent of medium-sized businesses have a strategy to use it at vast scale or at a slightly expanded proportion than the current scenario.