Transforming Business Intelligence and Self-Service Analytics

Pyramid Analytics offers a tier one, enterprise-grade “Analytics Operating System” that scales from single-user self-service analytics to thousand-user centralized deployments, covering simple-but-effective data visualizations to advanced machine learning capabilities. The company’s agnostic Analytics OS, Pyramid, features a universal client for any device and OS. It can be installed on most platforms, both on-premises or on the cloud. It can also operate against and with most popular data stacks.

Pyramid features six distinct analytics modules (Model, Formulate, Discover, Illustrate, Present, and Publish) plus an Administrative Console and Content Management System to deliver a truly universal analytics experience across the entire analytics workflow.

The company’s mission is to provide out-of-the-box solutions for enterprise and mid-market organizations who want solutions that deliver immediate value. Pyramid Analytics does not sell services, it sells software that scales the business intelligence (BI) and analytics experience across the entire organization from a cross-function, cross-department perspective. Unlike point solutions, Pyramid Analytics strongly believes that organizations today succeed when they’re able to share insights and information across the enterprise.

The company’s vision remains the same with which it was established. Pyramid Analytics began its journey in the Microsoft ecosystem. The company expanded its offering to other ecosystems. Today, Pyramid Analytics is truly a platform-agnostic and ecosystem agnostic solution provider. So, while the vision and the mission were originally the same; the execution has expanded.

An Inspiring Leader Who Knows the Way

Omri Kohl, Chief Executive Officer of Pyramid Analytics considers himself a Change Artist. And, much like artists do in their preferred media, he brings his visions to life in business. With these objectives, he successfully founded Kohl Group and Pdway, making both the businesses a pioneer in their respective fields.

As Omri thought about his next venture, with a personal passion for “data,” in 2008, he teamed up with his co-founders to form Pyramid Analytics. With data being pervasive across every organization, his vision was to create an enterprise-grade BI platform with a scalable, multi-tenant architecture.

The company’s flagship product was developed to provide self-service, web-based access to enable all users—end users and IT alike— to easily create and share information. It was designed with Chief Data Officers as the main buyers, helping their organizations optimize business decisions. Omri is extremely gratified to see how Pyramid Analytics has empowered enterprises to drive a data-driven culture.

As one of the 20 most-recognized vendors in the BI space, Omri realized that one of the critical roles for the company is to engage with the market as thought leaders. To drive the same, Pyramid Analytics participates in CDO engagements, leading conversations about bleeding edge data science techniques and generally illuminating the way to greater adoption of advanced analytics. “From a personal perspective, I have always been a disruptor and innovator strongly focused on putting analytics in the hands of everyone. From a business perspective, I spend a lot of time building relationships with partners and mega-vendors. In a complicated, interconnected data ecosystem like ours, these relationships have been, and will continue to be critical to our success”, Omri says.

Delivering Unique, State-of-the-art Services

Pyramid Analytics is the only vendor that brings enterprise robustness and self-service capabilities together. Most companies do either one or the other. While there are products that specialize in one core aspect: ETL, data discovery, dashboards, the company brings it all together on a single enterprise platform.

The company’s universal client platform can be scaled from single-user, self-service installations to centralized enterprise deployments. It can be used on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac) or device. The platform can be installed in any deployment model (cloud, on-premises, hybrid) and can operate against and with most popular data stacks. “That’s what we’re bringing to the world: an enterprise-grade deployment that creates a universal analytics environment for all users,” Omri adds.

Moreover, customers are primarily looking for solutions that give them the ability to leverage cloud infrastructure, yet still connect seamlessly to their on-premises data. Using Pyramid’s Pulse Server, organizations can design their data architecture according to their needs. Pulse makes cloud analytics and hybrid deployments possible and allows companies to take advantage of any data environment configuration, whether it’s cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both.

The Big Challenge

The founders acknowledged the biggest challenge in a mature, crowded market, is rising above the noise and making sure people understand their differentiating characteristics. All of this takes time and investment. It’s also important to find the right story. Pyramid Analytics believes its Analytics OS story resonates very strongly, and the company is getting incredibly positive feedback from the market.

Recognition for Excellence

Pyramid Analytics has been the choice of the analyst community. It is part of a selective group of companies that are in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and Pyramid Analytics is regularly recognized by BARC, Dresner, Forrester, and other research organizations as a leading analytics and BI solution provider. However, the company values the feedback from customers above all else. The Pyramid Analytics platform has a very high satisfaction rate on support capabilities and customer focus. This is part of the company’s vision: to have the customer in the center, and make sure it supports them as best as it can.

Pyramid Analytics is now a mature and sizeable enough company to meet the needs of all types of industries and verticals including insurance, banking, retail, healthcare, and so on. The company is primarily operating in the mid and enterprise markets. Pyramid Analytics is an approved federal vendor serving big, complex federal accounts. Given that its solution crosses roles and departments, the company is operational in all the industries that have data dependencies.

Leadership, Growth and the Future

Omri believes advanced analytics will become more commoditized in the times ahead. But this will only happen if BI solutions make AI and machine learning accessible to more than just the experts. That’s where Pyramid fits in. Pyramid is the most comprehensive, end-user-driven data analytics platform available in the market today that exposes AI and machine learning as a core component.

The company’s ambition is to become a market leader and to be recognized as the leading platform for organizations that need to scale their BI experience. This is where the industry is going as well.

Today’s Chief Data Officers are responsible for aligning their organizations’ enterprise data strategies and end-user needs. Pyramid’s Analytics OS allows data leaders to create a universal analytics environment that solves today’s analytic needs and prepares them for tomorrow’s data and technology challenges.