Top 10 Cloud Computing Groups on LinkedIn in 2020

by February 4, 2020


The professional networking site, LinkedIn is a premier place for technology companies to gather information, connect with industry contemporaries, share ideas and develop a network. Moreover, even a cloud professional, be it a cloud engineer or IT professional with specialization in operating cloud solutions, can have access to additional insights into what the smartest in the industry are talking about. For them, various cloud computing LinkedIn professional groups are a proficient space, to begin with. Through this, cloud professionals will be able to stay aware and ahead in such a wide market space. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 10 cloud computing groups on LinkedIn in 2020 where numerous similar expertise comes together to discover new insights, best practices and learn about software or tools their contemporaries are using in their daily operations.


Group: Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, SaaS & Virtualization

About: A group for Cloud Computing, Cyber Security & Virtualization professionals to expand their network of contacts, share ideas and discuss industry-related topics.

The group covers VMware, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing & Server Virtualization technologies, Enterprise 2.0 Applications, technologies and architectures, CRM, cloud services, data center, Software as a Service, and on-demand applications.

Members Count: 494,628 professionals


Group: Cloud Computing

About: This is a group for people involved in Current Big Thing – Cloud Computing.

Members Count: 436,745 professionals


Group: The Virtualization & Cloud Computing Group

About: An exclusive group for Virtualization & Cloud Computing professionals to network and discuss industry-related topics such as Virtualization, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, Security, Enterprise, Mobile, Storage, VCP, VCDX, Cloud Power, SaaS, PaaS, Data Storage, Security. Technical Q&A and news are all supported and encouraged.

Members Count: 97,520 professionals


Group: AWS Cloud Computing (For Interested Parties & Users)

About: Amazon Web Services a global cloud solution provider. So far the main vendor to offer real tools for business to either move their applications to the cloud or build new solutions. Here you are welcome to link up with other users of AWS or you may want to learn from others. News of developers putting up new solutions into the AWS Cloud.

Members Count: 40,910 professionals


Group: IBM Cloud Computing

About: The IBM Cloud LinkedIn Group is for Cloud experts, customers, Business Partners, analysts, and other stakeholders to discuss, share, and collaborate on Cloud Computing. This network will help better understand the potential of Cloud Computing, the attributes of Cloud Computing, and what it means as an evolving model for IT infrastructures — building on concepts such as virtualization, utility and grid computing, and SaaS and driving expectations for access, consistency, and quality in the user computing experience.

Members Count: 28,149 professionals


Group: Telecom IT Updates – News & Jobs for Cloud Computing Information Technology & Wireless Professionals

About: The Telecom IT Updates group facilitates relationships, education, and new opportunities for professionals in the IT and Telecom industries. This group is sponsored by Telarus, Inc.

Members Count: 70,627 professionals


Group: Cloud Storage

About: The Cloud Storage group was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud storage and computing technology

Members Count: 45,664 professionals


Group: Cloud Networking

About: The Cloud Networking group was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud networking and distributed network computing technology

Members Count: 12,711 professionals


Group: Cloud Computing and SaaS Best Practices

About: The Cloud Computing and SaaS Best Practices Group is an open forum for Directors, VPs, and C-level executives working in Product Management, Operations and Information Technology. Join in to interact with peers and discuss best practices in Cloud Computing, cloud hosting, and SaaS.

Members Count: 2,829 professionals


Group: Open Source Cloud Computing

About: Two of the most vibrant information technology trends are open source software and cloud computing. In combination, they are multiplying value at a near Moore’s Law rate. This group is for discussion and exchange of information about open source cloud computing (OSCC).

Members Count: 2,325 professionals