The Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report (2020-2025)


The rate of progress and development in AI has been intermittent and unpredictable. There have been significant advances in technology since its inception. It is an over-arching concept that entails multiple disciplines and is transforming every walks of life.

Organizations are already implementing AI for numerous business applications. If deployed effectively, the technology provides real-time data gathering, forecasting, and trend analysis for delivering greater insight.


Analytics Insight Publishes a comprehensive 136-page report on Artificial Intelligence titled, “The Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report (2020-2025)”. The report includes:

1. Market Size by Global Regions, Sector, Component, Technology, Organization Size from 2020-2025
2. Top 5 AI companies with revenues and market share
3. AI strategies of countries and top companies including AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook
4. Market Adoption
5. Market Potential: Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Porter’s Five Forces
6. Funding Analysis
7. Case Studies and Implementations
8. Top 100 AI companies in the World


The report will explore the depths of:

  • Qualities and Values of Artificial Intelligence
  • The technologies which collectively reinforced the core of AI
  • Analysis of AI trends thriving across the market
  • The contributions made by large enterprises, emerging vendors, along with significant industry implementations.

The report is much more detailed compared to the current reports available in the market and aggregates diverse expertise into a single, informative volume.

Format: PDF| Page: 136

Cost: $800

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